The Château des Milandes

Come and see the show at the Château des Milandes, spend a unique moment with your family. The pros of aerobatics show off their prowess!

11h10. About sixty people flock to the benches at the foot of the facade of Milandes castle. With a special preference for places in the shade... The temperature this August morning, already shows 25 degrees!
The public is patient while awaiting the arrival of the "stars". Bottles of water in hand, hats and caps on heads, the small crowd can nevertheless benefit from the impregnable view of the Dordogne valley. Suddenly, raptors are heard. No more noise. The show is about to begin...

The eagle, the star of the show!

The first to enter the "arena" is Patrick. Falconer by profession, it is he who animate the show. After a short historical resume of the place, (At the foot of Milandes castle, home of the famous Josephine Baker, just that!) Patrick gives us some information on the different birds species, all as beautiful as they are mysterious, and their strange and unique close relationship with Man... Then, the eagle enters the scene. Children's cries are heard. It must be said that this raptor, weighing around 5 kilos, has a wingspan of 2m20. His majestic wings even dislodge some hats when he skims over the spectators...

People chosen to participate are given gigantic gloves, robust and composed of 4 layers of leather. Needed to "accept" the claws of the bird!
The two people at opposite sides of the semicircle "send back and forth" the famous raptor, a "super predator" - the top of the food chain of its category. Passing from hand to hand, he retrieves his reward (consisting of small pieces of chicken or quail).
Patrick then offers a live hunting demonstration. The raptor, positioned at altitude will have to catch a rabbit (don't worry, it is a decoy of course). While waiting for the prey to appear, the eagle flies over the audience, round and round above our heads.
The public is thrilled. The object then appears in the middle of the esplanade. The eagle sees it. Suddenly he dives towards his goal at several tens of km/h. The prey is caught. The crowd applauds!


Throughout the show, different species will be presented (eagles, dukes, owls, buzzards...). These pros of aerobatics will sweep in turn around the castle garden.
The words of the falconer, in several languages, give us details of the history of these animals, their environment and their natural habitats, with different anecdotes and especially a good dose of humour!

The bond remains strong between the raptor and its host: and the show is beautifully rehearsed! But an animal will always remain an animal. During one scene, a young buzzard did not want to return to the glove of its owner, and preferred to taunt the public staying perched on one of the castle towers. The public laughs at the waiting Patrick... everyone calls the bird... and the raptor finally decides to return.

At the end of the show, the crowd's applause is recognition of so many physical, technical and artistic performances. And the ensuing thanks emphasize the affinity and professionalism of Patrick and all his team.


Remember to protect yourself against the heat. The site is very exposed to the sun! And don't forget your camera to immortalize these sublime flights!


The birds of prey show takes place daily on the northern esplanade of the castle. In High Season plan to arrive at the ticket office at least 30 minutes before the start. After the show, you will be able to admire the different birds and enjoy visiting the French style gardens and the castle. Opportunity to enjoy the restaurant with its shaded terrace.

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