Summer festivals in the Dordogne

Not only days are well occupied in sunny Périgord, but also the evenings are busy. It is difficult to resist the many festivals, so full of culture and conviviality.

Green and musical Périgord

Léa and Samuel did not complain, even though a pop concert would surely have been more appealing. To our great surprise, they listened religiously to the strings and brass rendered superb by the acoustics of a charming small church. When we return to Quebec City, Jonathan and I are convinced that the memory of this evening will facilitate their music lessons! In the next few days, we return for dance, as the Périgord Vert Music Festival also has jazz and tango concerts on the programme.
We have discovered that the Romanesque chapels of Périgord also host the Itinerant Baroque Festival. This refined blend of great music and heritage fills both eyes and ears, perfect for balmy summer evenings!

Sarlat enters the stage

The marriage of Sarlat and the theatre is not new, explains a young woman from the Tourist Office, since the Festival des Jeux du Theatre is the oldest in France after Avignon. The city becomes a real open stage and not only for reproductions of famous monologues.
The atmosphere, full of memories, captivates the children. No wonder as Sarlat, since 1928, has been constantly in demand as a film set. We learn that from Alberto Cavalcanti to Ridley Scott, it is rare that directors of historical films do not take advantage of the timeless backdrop of the city. So it seems logical that the Sarlat Film Festival is held each autumn. We will be obliged to come back anyway, now that Sam and Lea know that Beynac castle, not far from here, houses the antics of Jacquouille the Fripouille...

After our trip to Sarlat, we head for Montignac. A few days ago, during a drink with passing friends on the terrace at our Bed and breakfast, they advised us to enjoy our essential visit to Lascaux IV, and at the same time discover the Cultures aux Cœurs Festival. Every year, the festival celebrates diversity through the joyfully colourful assembly of music and dance from around the world. A good opportunity to give our children a message of fraternity.

Périgueux, the Festival City

We knew that the historic centre of Périgueux, the prefecture of the Dordogne, was remarkably preserved, but to wander through it during summer festival time is a real delight. Especially when the smallest square is swarming with a crowd ready to applaud the skits of gestural theatre at the MIMOS international festival. Léa actually found herself on stage, called up by a troupe that involved the public. Even Samuel was impressed!

Jonathan and I also selected the Sinfonia Festival, which combines heritage with famous pieces of Baroque music. In another genre, stages in Grand Périgueux and Dordogne villages welcome the New Orleans Music Festival in Périgord (MNOP) getting our feet and ears swinging to the rhythm, like those of all jazz lovers.

Action around Bergerac

Every summer, do not forget to make a trip to Bergerac, the second city of the department, where August is full of music, from jazz to variety, close to the famous statue of Cyrano, whose nose intrigues the children.
Not far from Bergerac, is Lalinde, and the Festival of Tradigordines showcasing traditional dances and music from all over the world. Held in front of the market hall of the old bastide town, it is also the opportunity for us to enjoy a walnut tart, a favourite family indulgence!

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