Discover SOCRA, saving works of art

Head to Marsac sur l'Isle to discover SOCRA. A small, secret place working to restore the most beautiful treasures of France and even the world! Are you coming with us?

Push the door of SOCRA's workshops

Before going to discover SOCRA, we went to the Grand Périgueux tourist office where we were offered exclusive entries for the SOCRA workshops. Guided tours are for a minimum 10 people. Note: it is possible to visit the site during Heritage Days.

The magic begins as soon as we enter the premises ... Imagine. Dozens and dozens of remarkable works of art all stored in a huge shed.... So much beauty! Without a minute to lose, we go to meet specialists participating in the renovation of works of art from around the world ...
For more than 50 years, nearly thirty workers have been striving to give a new lease of life to the works of art, and to the sometimes weather-beaten ancient monuments. A real journey to the heart of safeguarding World Heritage awaits!

Today it is Regis who welcomes us to explore Ali Baba's cave of SOCRA, where many sculptures and works patiently wait to pass into the artists' expert hands. Really passionate about places as much as objects, Régis speaks emotionally of each of the sites: he almost knows them by heart! He tells us with passion how the Archangel Saint-Michel from the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey found himself in his workshop after many helicopter journeys....

During our visit, we meet stonemasons, welders and also technicians specialising in mosaic, and whose unique know-how contributes to the influence of SOCRA throughout the world!

Be amazed at the work of SOCRA

Régis, whose knowledge is absolutely incredible, relates anecdotes of each site... The visit is punctuated with quizzes and photos of the most prestigious achievements of SOCRA. Among them: the restoration of the archangel of Mont-Saint-Michel and the renovation of the mosaics of the Uzbek palace in Shahrisabz...

Further on, we see the doors of La Samaritaine in Paris. SOCRA is also in charge of more contemporary projects. Regis then tells us about works for the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and the magnificent animal statues belonging to the Louvre... Incredible!

It does not matter when you visit; the tour will never be the same because it evolves at the pace of work of SOCRA and government orders...
"The artist arrives with his ideas, his head. We, we lend him our hands", is the closing phrase of the visit and discovery of the different trades of the SOCRA wonderfully guided by Regis, so in love with his job. To introduce children to this very special world, activities and workshops are organised for school trips or during Heritage Days. Absolutely unmissable!

A good idea for an original visit, dedicated to the world of art and ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation...

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