Bergerac Vineyards

Holiday in the vineyard

In Aquitaine, situated on both sides of the Dordogne river, the Bergerac vineyard covers 13.000 hectares on 93 villages. Amongst the 13 appellations, the most famous are AOC Bergerac (red, dry white and rosé wine), Côtes de Bergerac (red and semi sweet white wine), Pécharmant (red wine), Rosette (semi sweet white wine), Monbazillac (sweet white wine), Saussignac (sweet white wine) and Montravel (red, dry white semi sweet white wine). The blend and the choice of the vine constitue the Bergerac wine's prestige and bouquet. Cabernet Sauvignon, cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec (Cot) for the reds and Sauvignon, Sémillon, Muscadelle for the whites, give the right balance which determined the Bergerac's wine characteristics and flavour.

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Accommodation in the vineyards / Our Selection

“Les Terrasses” rental property in Sigoulès - (External link)

“Château Haut garrigue – The Wine Lodge” rental property in Saussignac – (External link)

Maison d’hôtes (B&B)

"Chambre d’Hôtes la Vidalie" Bed & breakfast in Bouniagues - (External link)

Château Panisseau Luxurious Gîte in Thenac - (External link)

"Vignobles & Découvertes"

Organize easily your next weekend in the vineyard with « Vignobles & Découvertes ». The aim of this label is to promote wine- and vine-themed tourism. Awarded for 3 years, it rewards the commitment made by a selection of 40 partners in the Bergerac wine industry, around 20 of whom are wineproducers delighted to welcome visitors to their estates and share their passion for Bergerac wines.

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La Maison des vins

Ideally situated in the heart of the old city, ‘la Maison des Vins’ (the House of Wine) occupies a splendid piece of 17th century architecture, notably including the charming Récollets’ cloister named after the Franciscan beggar monks who built a convent there on the orders of Louis XIII. Acquired in 1954 by the Conseil Interprofessional des Vins de la Région de Bergerac (CIVRB), this setting has become a major site for receiving visitors; a strategic location, where one can prepare one’s itinerary for a visit of the vineyards. It is also a place of learning where one can follow the history of the cultivation of the vine on a mural fresco, or discover the complexity of the production of wine from a film shown in the superb arched vault. It is a magic place where one can sharpen one’s five senses in order to better understand the mysteries of wine tasting the moment has come to go to the wine bar and become acquainted with the products processed by the vine growers that stretch along the ‘Route des Vins!
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La Route des vins

A walk in the heart of the vines that crisscross the hills and valleys of Bergerac Country, on both banks of the Dordogne, a self-indulgent stroll, meeting the men and women who make the wines of Bergerac, and who like to share their passion. On the tourist map of the ‘Route des Vins’, a vital accessory for this visit, are reproduced 140 estates (‘domaines’, ‘clos’ and ‘châteaux’) of wine makers united under a charter of quality. These are all delightful places, but without a fixed itinerary because the best guide will be, without doubt, your own curiosity!

Learn about Bergerac Wine

Through the School of oenophiles the CIVRB aims to disseminate knowledge of the wines of Bergerac to the general public. Two to three times per year, the school offers a course of four sessions on the theme "Discover the wines of Bergerac". These are open to everyone interested in learning about the wines of Bergerac and about tasting techniques.

During the course, we discover the specifics of the vineyard, the different AOC the modes of winemaking, the role of history, climate, soil, terroir , grape, varieties, the personality of the winemaker or vineyard on the final taste of wine.