An unusual stay at Les Deux Abbesses en Vert

On our way, bucolic roads, fields and forests lead us to paradise for horse lovers: Les Deux Abbesses en Vert. Not far from Brantôme, let's go for an unusual stay in the Dordogne!

Les Deux Abbesses en Vert: a domain in the heart of nature

The domain has no reason to envy Montana and the vast American plains! We discover an area of 40 hectares: just that! We meet Laurence, who has always been in love with horses. She explains that she decided to create a bed and breakfast respectful of the environment, linked with her love for the equine world....
And here, no doubt, it is the horse that is king! Between rooms nicely decorated around this theme and the herd of thirty pure bred Arabs roaming freely on the estate, we quickly understand Laurence's passion! Former city dweller, she left to reconnect with nature. At noon, we decide to spread a tablecloth in the shade of an oak and enjoy a homemade picnic, before leaving to meet the horses. In the late afternoon, time to enjoy the heated pool, 28 degrees and two massage jets in the heart of nature: pure happiness! At sunset, we join Laurence for dinner and enjoy the balmy summer evening...

A VIP grooming tour tea

We booked a grooming tour tea for the whole family. During the afternoon Laurence introduces us to the world of the horse, then we and the children enjoy a homemade tea made from good, fresh, local products. The experience is fun and accompanied by educational fact sheets, books and small anecdotes on animals. That's it, we've become real experts!

Approached by horses

Laurence uses gentle methods and ethology. We discover the behavioural interaction between people and animals, a different look at the man-horse relationship than that observed in equestrian centres. Then we follow Laurence to meet her livestock. Let's go!

Proud of her collection of Bedouin horses from around the world, Laurence reveals all the secrets and how to approach these animals gently, always with the greatest respect for the horse. We discover the importance of ethology to get closer to these beautiful thoroughbred Arabs. A look... a thought... and a vibrant osmosis is born between animal and human, and we meet Marie and Gilles, two regular visitors, and passionate horse whisperers. They explain that it is the horses that decide to approach you and not the other way around. Depending on the equines and our desires, we can brush them, caress them and walk with them. It is even possible to mount them without using harsh, restrictive equipment. A real moment of complicity between man and horse that we are delighted to share with the family! A unique experience and unforgettable memories for both children and parents.

To go a little further during this unusual stay in the Dordogne, it is possible to participate in an equi-coaching course, an introduction to the equine world that allows you to refocus on yourself and better manage your emotions. We promise ourselves that we will come back to test this extraordinary experience!
To finish this unusual stay in style and have a keepsake of a magical place, we brought back a candle with the smell of hay and leather, and a set of porcelain decorated with horses... A souvenir of paradise!

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