Activities around food

The tradition of farmers’ markets

To discover the area’s culinary heritage, nothing beats a good walk through a Périgord market. Stroll amongst the colourful stalls and be tempted by the strawberries, walnuts and truffle products: a real sensory treat! There are specialist goose and duck markets from November to March where you’ll find the area’s favourite poultry in every form, including foie gras. Truffle markets, including the most famous in Saint-Alvère, also take place in winter – every week from December to February.

Why not visit a farm or a winery that organises tasting tours? It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the products and indulge in tasting all the specialities. If you’re planning a dinner or a special occasion, you can take home some locally-produced caviar, wine or foie gras: the refined Périgord specialities.

Gourmet fêtes are regularly organised, which fall somewhere between a village festival and a market. Awaken your senses with entertainment, music and a great community atmosphere.

Food ambassadors

Many chefs use local products which are an important aspect of the region’s charm. Some perpetuate the traditions of cuisine “à l’ancienne”, while others opt for a more modern approach. Today, other food ambassadors highlight the incredible variety and quality of our local products.

“Les Saveurs du Palais” by Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch:

Originally from the Périgord, this self-taught chef (cook at the Elysée Palace for French President François Mitterrand from 1988 to 1990) has an incredible career. Her atypical life provided the inspiration for the 2012 film Haute Cuisine or “Les Saveurs du Palais”, directed by Christian Vincent and starring Catherine Frot. Author of the book "Carnets de cuisine du Périgord à l’Elysée" and a new work entitled “Ma cuisine de l’Elysée à l’Antartique” (My Cooking from the Elysée Palace to Antarctica), this vibrant female chef takes inspiration from the culinary pleasure of others. A skilled exponent of rustic-style cuisine, Danielle still lives in the Dordogne, from where she continues to pass on the culinary savoir-faire of past generations.

Martin Walker: portrait of a food-loving author:

Author of several novels and the police detective series “Bruno” (External link) , Scottish journalist Martin Walker divides his time between Washington and the Dordogne, where he owns a house in the country. The main hero in his food-inspired detective novels set in the Dordogne is Commissaire Bruno, a municipal policeman with somewhat unconventional methods. In real life, Bruno is no other than Pierre Simonet, the municipal chief of police in the village of Le Bugue, in the Vézère valley. The success of his novels has attracted new visitors to the Dordogne hoping to meet and follow in the steps of their police hero!

Gourmet excursion in a Citroën 2CV

Good gourmet addresses? Danu and Michel have some! They gladly share them through the walks they organize, in one of the most mythical French cars. Once well installed in the back of their 2CV, there is nothing to do but to let yourself be led by these two gourmets’ guides/drivers to taste the pleasures of the Dordogne valley. It is the promise of a tasty journey, between exceptional landscapes and beautiful encounters (traditional goose farm, a walnut oil mill, a truffle farm, organic wine producers etc.) (External link)

Foodie festivals for your diary


• Truffle Festival and Académie Culinaire, Sarlat -

• Truffle, truffle-growing and duck and goose festival, Sorges


The gourmet celebration days (External link) Journées du goût et de la gastronomie of Sarlat | Sarlat Tourisme - Périgord Noir


• Festoie, Sarlat


• Les Journées du Terroir, Sarlat - (External link)


• Périgord walnut festival, Nailhac


• Journée du Goût et de la Gastronomie, Sarlat - (External link)

• Fête de la Gastronomie at the Château de Neuvic in Neuvic sur l’Isle - (External link)


• Cep mushroom and milk-fed veal festival, Saint-Saud-la-Caussière - (External link)

• Chestnut and mushroom festival, Villefranche-du-Périgord - (External link)