A weekend in the Dordogne: our top 4 places to visit

To disconnect for a few days, we went with friends to visit this beautiful region! A road trip with friends from Saint-Jean de Côle to Bourdeilles and Brantôme to Périgueux. Discover our top 4 places to see in the Dordogne Valley.

1- Explore Saint-Jean de Côle, one of the most beautiful villages in France

With our friends, we started our trip in Saint-Jean de Côle in the Dordogne. This small medieval village standing in the heart of the Périgord Vert hills is classified among the most beautiful villages of France. No wonder when you discover its half-timbered houses, we are totally in love with everything!

To see and discover all the secrets of the village, we opted for a guided tour with the Tourist Board. The guide took us to the priory, the 12th century cloister and the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste, a real treasure of Roman-Byzantine art... Crossing the medieval bridge, we captured a magnificent shot of the River Côle. At the end of the tour, we discovered the exterior of Marthonie Castle (private) overlooking Place Saint-Jean. Saint-Jean de Côle is definitely one of the most beautiful villages to visit in the Dordogne!

2- Do not miss the Château de Bourdeilles

We continued our road trip towards the Château de Bourdeilles, in the Dronne valley! We got lost in the alleyways of this small medieval village, taking the time to admire the mill, the crooked bridge and the architecture of its old houses. To see Bourdeilles and understand its history, we went to visit the castle, or rather the castles!

And yes, we learned that the Château de Bourdeilles is composed of two fortresses: a Renaissance palace and a medieval castle. The huge Renaissance style staircase is a masterpiece. A magnificent panorama of the can be seen from the tower, a climb of 360 steps, and it is well worth it, just like the gardens! On summer nights (Tuesdays and Thursdays), opt for a theatrical tour.

Before leaving, we let ourselves be tempted by Escape Game 1307. We adorned the virtual reality headset and off we went! Transported into the past history of Bourdeilles castle, solo or in a team, you have to locate the clues and solve the puzzles in order to escape. An original experience not to be missed!

3- Experience an unforgettable evening at Barnabé Guinguette

Saturday night with friends could not be better! The Barnabé waterside hostelry has existed since 1935 and is a must for a night out! After afternoon golf at Périgueux, we settled on the terrace overlooking the river and the dam to enjoy a blues concert during dinner before meeting locals and dancing!

4- Explore the unique village of Brantôme, the Venice of Périgord

If there is a place to see in the Dordogne, it's Brantôme! With friends, we visited this charming city nestled between cliffs and canals, just like Venice! The beauty of the town is such that we have the impression of being transported in a fairy tale.... We opted for a river cruise on the canals to discover the city. But you can also do it by canoe!

In summer, nautical jousts take place weekly on the Dronne at the foot of the abbey. You will need to find a good speck to not miss the show. Choose your team and cheer!
For lunch, we chose the terrace of one of the water's edge restaurants, to dine with the sound of the water in the background.... The afternoon was dedicated to visiting the cave of the Last Judgment, where, on a guided tour, we discovered the life of the monks of the time: Don't miss it! A pause for ice cream... with truffles! At the end of the afternoon, we went shopping in the small boutiques before putting the world to rights at a waterside terrace...

Dordogne Valley