A journey into the past in Dordogne

An ideal family visit, the "Musée de la rue du temps qui passe" is a collection of memories for parents, and, a discovery tour for children! Enter the museum and meet Michel and his daughter, Christelle, two colourful characters passionate about objects from yesterday!

Discover a family passion

And what if it was possible to go back to the nineteenth century? Push open the door of the "Musée de la rue du temps qui passe" and discover a place that appears frozen in time... Following a crowd funding campaign and seven years of hard work, this unique museum in Périgord opened in 2017. A nice story that makes the visit all the more appealing!

Slowly walk along the paved alleys of the street of times past, the incredible details of the reconstruction are slightly disturbing... Even better than a stay with grandparents, find surprising childhood memories from an age where video games did not yet exist!
And speaking of children, do not be surprised if around a corner you run into Titouan, Christelle's son, on his bike (vintage of course!).

As passionate about the world of mechanics as his grandfather, enjoy listening to him talk about his first repairs...

Go back in time and explore the 19th century

From the first minutes in the museum, one becomes fully aware of the quantity of objects exposed here... And only a third of all the thousands and thousands are actually on show!
A compulsive collector, Michel wanted to recreate the universe of his childhood and we can say that the museum is a success! Look carefully through each window and you will see that no detail has been left to chance: a 100% vintage experience of the last century awaits!

Set in more than 1000m2, we find all the charm and atmosphere of a 1900's street: bakery, hairdresser, and doctor's surgery... All the staging is taken from a real physical environment! Nothing is missing in this small village; we could almost live in the realistic reconstruction...

Here nothing is thrown or given away, and you can help make the museum even more alive by donating your great-grandmother's old armchair, or, the bicycle that has always been in the garage... Michel will inevitably give it a second life! "Every object has sentimental value, nothing is for sale, and so everything is priceless", says Michel.

Enjoy events at the museum

Why not enjoy a 100% retro break? Go to the bar counter to order refreshments that already existed in the nineteenth century ... From the first beautiful days of spring, sit on the shaded terrace for a lovely view of the Dordogne.

The museum is also a lively place with regular events... Fan of old cars? Take part in old car rallies, one of Michel's passions! And, for an original discovery of the museum, book your guided tour with a guide in period costume... A good way to hear stories and anecdotes related to the Belle Epoque...

To complete your immersion in the nineteenth century, go to the Parc du Bournat, about twenty minutes away: a unique theme park recreating a village highlighting the heritage of Périgord.

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