A family bike ride in the Isle Valley

Discover one of our most beautiful cycle routes in Dordogne Périgord: Neuvic castle and mill, Neuvic caviar, Saint-Astier market ... all about the essential visits in the Isle Valley!

Treasures of the River Isle by bike

When Léa got on her bike grumbling, we thought that the day might be very tedious, for us as well as for both children, Léa the grouser, and Samuel the sportsman, ever ready to sprint without warning at every straight line. But miraculously, after pedalling for 30 minutes, harmony settles in.
The Véloroute of the Vallée de l'Isle softens the mood of our rebellious daughter. It is even she who points out a lock that we do not suspect being our path. We take the opportunity to take a small break under the fresh foliage of the chestnut trees. The sudden apparition of the Annesse canal, dug in 1830, attracts us as much as it intrigues.

A perfectly marked and secure itinerary under the Périgord sunshine

As lovers of the Périgord, two years ago we visited and admired the landscapes and buildings that have made the reputation of the Dordogne. When advised to rediscover them by bike, we did not imagine that the tranquil pace of cycling would reveal so many unknown charms. Whilst the children enjoy their picnic, sitting on the grass at the roadside we learn from an information leaflet that the Véloroute is, in fact most of the time, a veritable green way allowing us to travel more than 100 km from Trélissac, near Périgueux to Pizou, on the border of Gironde with nearly no motorised vehicles!

I smile at Jonathan, my husband, telling him that our ambitions will be more modest today, if we do not want to tire our calves and our impatient rascals. Progress is without blood, sweat and tears, as the route presents no frightening inclines. Léa remains our barometer in this area, and when we see her pedalling joyfully we understand that the bet is won, the day looks bright under the Périgord sun. Jonathan and I can relax, and the route is perfectly marked and secure.

Visit the Dordogne by bike: a cultural, historic and gourmet mix

As the day draws to a close, the sun slowly descends as our journey ends, and we decide to make a final stop at the village of Sourzac, where the pretty church is perched on the ancient ramparts. The statue of a white virgin, erected at the entrance of a cave, seems to watch eternally over the "fontaine pétrifiante" – a natural water source. Lea makes us laugh by asking if she works miracles.

For the day to be totally successful, we need is to relax in one of the many surrounding restaurants – a real necessity in the Périgord! Our choice is Cilaos, near the leisure base at Neuvic. Paris-Brest revisited by Périgord walnuts won unanimous admiration! The enthusiasm of our little troop has not faded despite the miles, and Samuel and Lea even compete to trace the path for the next day.

Definitely, Dordogne by bike brings happiness and unexpected adventures!

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