Palace: 6 things you can only find at the Plaza Athénée

After the renovation and work to enlarge its communal areas, rooms, fine dining restaurant, and reception rooms a few years ago, this Palace on Avenue Montaigne had entered a new era.

1) The surprising decor of the Alain Ducasse restaurant

The Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Plaza Athénée turns the conventions of fine dining establishments on their heads with a distinctive aesthetic. It is two restaurants in one, providing a different ambience for lunch and dinner. In the dining room, the monumental bells in polished stainless steel are a cleverly elegant take on a service bell. One moment they are being used as the backrest on benches, and the next as windbreaks to conceal tables and chairs.

2) The unbeatable view of the Eiffel Tower that comes with some suites

Once renovation work was complete, the Plaza Athénée had amassed eight additional keys, opening doors which include a Deluxe suite, a Prestige suite, and two new Eiffel signature suites. The Eiffel suites boast wide bay windows with unrivalled views of the Eiffel Tower. Six apartments were also added to the hotel. They can be booked and joined together, and afford high fashion views of the Avenue Montaigne.

3) The bar’s dreamy decor

The bar at the Plaza Athénée provides visitors with an atmosphere that encourages people to get together. The space unravels beneath a deep blue where the ceiling disappears behind irregular folds of fabric. The hotel’s enigmatic centrepiece, it adds to the hotel’s air of mystery, while the furniture shows off its refined design. Come evening, the sober colours melt into the decor while glass lamps diffuse a soft light that creates an incredibly intimate atmosphere.

4) Bathrooms like modern boudoirs

During the renovation work, one of the tasks facing Marie-José Pommereau, the decorator, was to renovate the numerous bathrooms. This technical and aesthetic effort focused primarily on the lighting. Bathed in light and with an exquisite finish, the walls are adorned with white Carrare marble, while the new mirrors reflect the light and turn these new bathrooms into modern day boudoirs.

5) Chandeliers and red carpets in the reception rooms

The reception rooms were enlarged considerably during the renovation work. The two existing rooms (the Organza and Collection salons) are now joined by a new break room, two adjoining meeting rooms on the Palace’s upper floors, and the Haute Couture salon. This spacious 150m² ballroom with 6m ceilings contains seven majestic chandeliers that intermingle with flashes of gold. On the floor, a great red carpet imitates the movement of dancers’ dresses, in a nod to the parties of days gone by.

6) The rural scenery of the Garden Courtyard

Landscaped by the designer and garden entrepreneur Olivier Riols, the Garden Courtyard with its geraniums and Virginia creepers, red camellias in summer and ice rink in winter, is an ode to the seasons.

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