Chef Jean Imbert presents Mamie’s poule au riz

If there’s one emblematic dish from the French kitchen, it’s the poule au riz (chicken with rice). It’s a grandmother’s recipe par excellence – and during this lockdown period, chef Jean Imbert invites us virtually to his own grandmother’s home and shares her comforting recipe on Instagram. Enjoy!

“Thank you Granny!” Michelin-starred chef Jean Imbert, former Top Chef winner, renamed his restaurant in Paris’ 16th arrondissement after his grandmother last year: it’s now called Mamie’s. It’s plastered with photos of the great dinner spread of yesteryear, including iconic dishes like this poule au riz which can be easily adapted according to the seasons. Fried onions, wedges of celery, crunchy carrots and buttery leeks... with Jean Imbert and his grandma, chicken and rice are in good company. And so are you!