Chef Frédéric Anton’s beef bourguignon

Whether in isolation or not, chefs are continuing to cook! Some are sharing their expertise from their homes to inspire you in yours. Follow Frédéric Anton’s Instagram account and you’ll find simple, tasty dishes, such as volaille a la creme, artichokes with vinaigrette and quiche Lorraine. Today he’s casting his spell on a great French classic: beef bourguignon.

Beautiful like a painting by Paul Klee! The beef bourguignon by Frédéric Anton – three-Michelin-starred chef of Pré Catalan with an extra star at Jules Verne, the Eiffel Tower’s panoramic restaurant – is as colourful and geometric as you like. Follow the designs: carrots and onions cut with perfect edges, pieces of beef cut into squares, flat-leaf parsley, and for roundness, bone marrow and pieces of smoked streaky bacon. Why complicate things when simplicity has everything you need?

Don’t rely on the chef to detail the recipe step by step – for him, the photo is enough. For the ingredients and main steps, there are posts and stories dedicated to each dish. It’s beautiful, and it makes you want to drop everything and cook. So get to it!