Feel Leucate with our top 4 sensory experiences…

See Leucate’s soaring chalk cliffs, from which came its old Greek name ‘Leukos’, meaning ‘the white’

Hear the celebrations of the Sol Y Fiesta street festival in the old town

Taste nutty Cap Leucate oysters, cultivated by 20 dedicated farmers

Touch the harness of a kite-surf during a lesson from any of Leucate’s 10 dedicated schools.

Nestling at the foot of Mont Canigou in Aude, the resort of Leucate was recently ranked among the three top French stations nautiques (watersporting centres) and is recognised in particular for kite-surfing, with no less than 10 schools devoted to this adrenaline-pumping sport. It boasts a beautiful coastline with numerous idyllic lagoons, making safe places to practise if you’re a beginner. This former fishing port reinvented itself in the 1960s by becoming the first fully-fledged resort along the Aude coast following the construction of its marina, one of the largest in the Mediterranean with 1,400 berths. Experts in windsurfing and kitesurfing agree that there’s no better spot than Leucate’s Plage de la Franqui to get to grips with these sports – and the resort’s reputation has really grown through its annual Mondial du Vent, an international event for wind/water sports drawing 200 professional and amateur competitors and 100,000 spectators.

As well as its coastline, Leucate also boasts 31km of rivers and lakes and is part of the Parc naturel régional de Narbonne, with access to 100,000 hectares of exceptional varied sites and landscapes harbouring a feast of flora and fauna. The Greeks would have called Leucate ‘the white’ (Leukos) after its high chalk cliffs, which in the Middle Ages warded off Iberian invasion. The old part of town has retained its authentic southern charm, with winding, sunlight-dappled alleys that set the perfect scene for the Sol Y Fiesta street festival. You can hike alongside a maze of vineyards and wild almond trees and taste nutty Cap Leucate oysters, carefully cultivated by 20 dedicated local farmers… but it’s still the watersports that best define Leucate.