Hear Toulouse

A party atmosphere

Toulouse is a university town – and the almost unbelievable number of bars confirms this. To soak up the party atmosphere, head to Place St-Pierre at the end of the St-Pierre bridge, which is lined with popular bars such as Chez Tonton, many of which are rowdy even at noon!

Fabulous Fireworks

In the summer each Thursday evening, listen to the fireworks pop at Cite de l’Espace (External link) , right next to the Ariane 5 rocket whilst the late night opening also allows for visitors to star gaze through telescopes in the park.

A vibrant city

The buzz of the town centre is a constant reminder of the exuberant life of Toulouse. Weave your way through narrow cobblestone streets and small squares to discover the Saint-Étienne quarter, brimming with secret and quirky charms.

Pulsating night life

At night the atmosphere is pure joie de vivre and exhilarating with a distinctly Toulousian atmosphere – warm, vibrant and impressive, it is the fourth largest city in France after all. There are hundreds of brilliant bars and for something a bit different, several times a year the covered markets hold late night opening events with tastings galore and dynamic music for a gourmet night out.

Musical Magic

On Thursday at midday listen to free concerts. The eclectic programme of La Pause Musicale attracts a crowd of admiring spectators in the municipal hall of the Sénéchal in winter and in the courtyard of the Ostal d’Occitania when the weather is fine.

The Occitan Language

Dating back many centuries and classified a Gallo-Roman language, it’s said that Occitan is spoken by as many as two million people. You may notice some of the street signs in Toulouse are also in Occitan, as well as in the underground where you may hear all announcements translated from French to Occitan!