Nantes by Kim Leuenberger

I had never really thought of visiting Nantes before and after a day there, it instantly became one of my favourite cities ever, that I’d love to share with my whole family.
The city’s DNA is full of humour and it’s one of the places that I visited that made me the happiest.

La Chambre de l’Artiste

As soon as I arrived in Nantes and checked into my hotel room, I knew that, as an art lover, I was in for a treat in this city. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to stay in this year’s ‘chambre de l’Artiste’, as they call it, created by Elsa Tomkowiak.
Each year, a new room gets redecorated or designed from scratch by an artist, as a true way to stand out from any other place. This is for sure an hotel room I’ll never forget about!

Le Carrousel des Mondes Marins

Upon arrival, I got given a tin box of sables (they were delicious) and on it was the most amazing drawing of Carrousel, coming straight out of a Jules Verne’s novel or a Da Vinci Notebook. Imagine how happy I was when I realized that this place existed for real on the Isle of Nantes! We even got to ride on the carrousel, and it was probably one of the most magical experience ever. I can’t wait for the Heron’s Tree coming out in 2022.

Local Shops Ornaments

When walking around the city, I couldn’t stop noticing little funny pieces of art by shop fronts. From a unicorn with an icecream as its horn, an “Indochine” lucky cat, the city is full of these, and it made me giggle each time I saw a new one!

Green Line

As soon as I arrived, I couldn’t help but notice a green line on the ground running all over the city. I followed it for some time and saw some of the loopiest art installations! In the summer, there’s even some live street performances along it.

Le Nid

In the evening, I went for one last glass of wine on top of the tallest tower in Nantes, to Jean Jullien’s Le Nid.
The view from there is absolutely gorgeous, and the interior design incomparable to any other place!