Views to take your breath away

The best ways to see France's most stunning scenery France has such a variety of incredible landscapes it’s almost impossible to list them. From staggering mountain ranges to ragged coastlines, grand chateaus to rolling wilderness… here is just a taste of the most breathtaking views on offer.

The floating gardens of Amiens

The famous hortillonnages have become the symbol of Amiens, a historic town in the north of France. These ‘floating gardens’ are 300 hectares of lush green islands spread along 65km of small canals, right in the heart of the city. Take a barque à cornet, a small boat, to visit the Saturday water market where local gardeners sell fresh produce.

Les hortillonages in Amiens (External link)

Looking down on Clermont-Ferrand

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At 486m above sea level, Parc de Montjuzet offers unparalleled views of the town of Clermont-Ferrand and the surrounding Auvergne region. The 26-hectare park features gardens with Mediterranean trees, exotic flowers and grassy picnic areas.

Bird's-eye view of Grenoble

Ride the world’s very first urban cable car from Grenoble city centre to La Bastille, an ancient fortress sitting atop a narrow mountain. These glass ‘bubbles’ look down over the River Isère, the Saint Laurent quarter and the magnificent Cours Jean-Jaurès.

La Rochelle's famous ferris wheel

Slowly turning in an old-school amusement park is La Grande Roue, a huge ferris wheel with 360 ̊ views over Le Vieux Port and the rest of La Rochelle’s medieval houses. You can actually spin the open cabins around manually!

The waterfront panorama in Nice

This 7km-long pedestrian path is one of the most well-known attractions in Nice. Stretching all the way from the airport to the Quai des États-Unis, the wide boulevard is the best place for photos of the iconic pebble beaches, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the magnificent Baie des Anges.

Boating or biking in Tours

The best way to explore Tours, the largest city in the Loire Valley, is by travelling up and down the banks of the Loire River by either boat or bike. Many companies offer aquatic excursions in traditional boats or all-inclusive cycling road-trips, perfect for friends and families.

The green theme-park in Angers

Terra Botanica is a plant-themed amusement park in Angers, a city in western France on the edge of the Loire Valley. The park plunges you into a nature-laden adventure with interactive historical stories, 275,000 different plant species and rides and attractions for all ages.

Terra Botanica (External link)

A Royal boat in Versailles

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The gardens surrounding the Château of Versailles are as impressive as the palace itself. The Grand Canal, designed by King Louis XIV’s gardener André Le Nôtre, gives incredible views of the rear of the palace. Boating on this 23-hectare lake is a royal tradition that continues today - tourists can hire row boats to take in the grandeur of Versailles from a different perspective.

The Grand Canal in Versailles (External link)