Fill your Christmas bag with 100% French toys

Give thousands of toys for Christmas, yes, but made in France! This year, we're dipping into the catalogues of manufacturers who play the card of local know-how and eco-responsible materials. They are brimming with gift ideas for fun and excitement. And travel all over France, between wooden games from the Jura, Breton cuddly toys and modelling clay from Provence!

Boxes to awaken your senses at Sentosphere

The scent of cocoa melting in the pans, nursery rhymes echoing through the house, the colourful baubles on the tree... Christmas is a celebration of all the senses. To stay in the mood, we offer young and old alike one of the awakening boxes from Sentosphere, a company based in the Ile-de-France region created by a former perfumer. From the "scent lottery", the very first game of the company that has become iconic, to the cosmetic workshops to compose your own soap or cream, to the chocolate factory and its aromas, all the games are designed to awaken creativity and the five senses. Taste, smell or touch, it's up to you!

Sentosphere (External link)

Challenges and cooperative games to do yourself good at Bioviva

Doing good for yourself, for others and for the planet: this is the mantra of Bioviva, a game creator based in Montpellier, in the Occitanie region. With its creations, you can play to save a flock of sheep to the mountain pastures, to collect waste on the beach, to preserve the mountain or you can take on nature challenges. Will you be able to recognise the most amazing animals in France? The answer is at the foot of the Christmas tree! In all, more than 100 edutainment games for children aged 2 to 3 are available, all eco-made in the Drôme, with the added bonus of a foundation for children in need around the world.

Bioviva (External link)

Modelling clay made in Provence by Patamode

A modelling paste made with the ochres of Roussillon? It's from Patamode, a company based in Provence that takes up the challenge of making the timeless pasta with vegetable and mineral ingredients, without animal matter or gluten, in order to get as close as possible to nature. Self-hardening dough, soft dough or dough that does not dry out, the recipe was developed by the founder of Patamode, a biochemist by training in his workshop in the village of Lançon in Provence. What if we made the Santons for next Christmas?

Patamode (French webside) (External link)

Soft cuddly toys signed Maïlou Tradition

Because nothing is sweeter than a cuddly toy, why not put a cuddly toy at the foot of the Christmas tree? White as snow or brown like a Christmas treat, at Maïlou Tradition, the bear changes colour but not horizons: it is 100% French, hand-made and hand-stitched, in 50 small pieces and 10 stages. Its secret? The know-how of the seamstresses in the workshop located in Brittany, classified as a Living Heritage Company, inherited from a long tradition. Each piece is unique, Oeko Tex certified, and guaranteed for life! And if you want to enlarge the menagerie, you can choose a plush from the organic line, all in cotton, the donkey puppet, the rabbit puppet or the soft fox with red hair.

Maïlou Tradition (French website) (External link)

Mountain chalets to build at Jeujura

Wood, nothing but wood! For nearly 110 years, Jeujura - the 4th generation at the helm - has been making its toys in the heart of the Jura mountains from maritime pine or beech wood from sustainably managed French forests. This makes for toys that are as solid as they are ecologically responsible! For a vintage gift, slip a "goose game" and "little horses" box into Santa's bag. And for a fragrant Christmas Eve, a chalet of Comté, the famous raw cow's milk cheese from the Jura. Jeujura offers a farm version of its historical chalet to be built in 180 pieces with cows, milk trucks, cans and even cheese wheels! A great way to assemble it!

Jeujura (French Website) (External link)