The magic of football: France as you’ve never seen it

The France of ‘Les Bleus’ is now basking in a special celebratory limelight that only its World Cup victory can bring about. Here’s our selection of 10 spectacular images captured during the celebrations, for fans of Team France... and everyone else!

1. The Champs-Élysées

Enjoy the view from the Arc de Triomphe terrace as if you were there – this one was captured on the day of the Blues’ victory. For a breathtaking view over the Champs-Élysées, you can come up here any day. Find out more info and plan your visit to Paris (External link) .

2. The Arc de Triomphe

When the Arc de Triomphe puts on a show, it really pulls out all the stops… and not only to celebrate the world champions. Try visiting on 14 July or New Year’s Day to see what we mean. View the official Arc de Triomphe website here (External link) .

3. The Mona Lisa at the Louvre

We don’t know if the Italian Mona Lisa would have celebrated the Blues’ victory, but one thing’s certain: nothing ever disturbs her enigmatic smile. The proof is at the Louvre. View the official Musée du Louvre website here (External link) .

4. The Paris metro

Une publication partagée par RATP (@ratp) le

In its post-victory euphoria, Paris has renamed six of its metro stations, including ‘Bercy’ to ‘Bercy les Bleus’, and ‘Champs-Élysées-Clemenceau’ to ‘Deschamps-Élysées-Clemenceau’ in honour of the France team coach. But don’t write home just yet – it’s only provisional! View the RATP website here (External link) .

5. The docks in Lyon

Sometimes, happiness is as simple as an armful of flowers on the banks of the Saône. Or the Rhône. The heart of Lyon nestles between these two rivers, so our tip is to enjoy both! Plan your visit to Lyon (External link) .

6. The River Garonne in Toulouse

This time, the so-named ‘Ville Rose’ (Pink City) is seeing life in red, white and blue, even on the Garonne, where all manner of things make waves. World Cup or not, Toulouse always has something to celebrate. Plan your visit to Toulouse (External link) .

7. The Old Port in Marseille

Marseille loves football madness… but there’s no need for a ball to turn things upside down. The "Ombrière" on the Old Port, the gigantic mirrored ceiling created by the British artist Norman Foster, does that on its own. Plan your visit to Marseille (External link) .

8. The Grand Place in Lille

It’s on Place du General de Gaulle that Lille’s partygoers gather for a good time. But on any given day you can enjoy simply savouring a local waffle on a café terrace here… this is the true world champion! Plan your visit to Lille (External link) .

9. The alleys of Vieux Nice

The morning after the night before. Niçois residents can be relied on to party hard... and recover equally well. Enjoy a rare moment of respite in the alleys of the old town, where ochre buildings capture the atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur. Stuffed zucchini flowers and a dip in the Baie des Anges – what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Nice (External link) .

10. The Place Royale in Nantes

This isn’t the first celebration for Nantes’ Place Royale; pedestrianised for several years now, it’s a regular host for lively cultural events in the city. It’s not all about football! Plan your visit to Nantes (External link) .