Stefan’s tour through Montpellier’s nightlife

Montpellier truly is a pearl in the South of France. Mediterranean attitude to life mixed with the young style of a student town, Montpellier really offers everything from arts and a modern age, shopping and sightseeing. Searching for an unrivalled attitude to life, I found the perfect town in Montpellier.

Catch sunset

After some fine but exhausting days spent in Montpellier’s sunshine, I am longing for a nice and cool way to end the evening. As a little opening act to a night-time bar tour, I recommend packing up a bottle of wine and enjoying sunset from one of Montpellier’s many beautiful squares. I particularly like the Promenade du Peyrou, which due to its elevated position offers a great view of Montpellier and the sunset. Besides which there’s usually a gentle breeze up there, which helps you to cool off. In short: The hotspot par excellence for guaranteeing a perfect start to the evening!

Nightlife in Montpellier

If you’re on the lookout for a bar, you don’t have to look for long in Montpellier’s old town. My tip: just drift and then choose a bar on the spur of the moment. Otherwise, there are a few squares in which you can pass an enjoyable evening, for example, Place Jean Jaurès or even more lively, Place de la Comédie. All different age groups meet here to have a drink and enjoy themselves until late in the evening. Pure joie de vivre!

Bar tips

If you don’t want to walk far and want to make your way to a particular bar, then I highly recommend the ‘Papa Doble’. Situated at the foot of ‘Carré Sainte Anne’, you can comfortably sit there until late at night, probably sampling more than one cocktail. Many people believe that they serve the best cocktails in town! Another tip is ‘Le Parfum’; here too you’ll likely not have just the one cocktail, and how better to start a conversation?

Marché Du Lez

In an old industrial and farming premises on the edge of town, lies the marché du Lez; a small concept place with delicious food, food trucks, vintage and second hand shops. A really very charming place, which on a sunny day can sometimes evoke the feeling of the Wild West. And especially on evenings, when the otherwise inconspicuous place turns into a little hotspot! So my recommendation would definitely be to while away an evening there with a glass of wine. You won’t regret it!

The new districts

In absolute contrast to Montpellier’s old town are the new districts, which stand out particularly with their contemporary architecture. Leading the way is the ‘Antigone’ quarter which stands out for its name alone and was thus named to symbolise the rejection of (the shopping centre) Le Polygone’s architecture. And even if the new districts didn’t quite meet with great enthusiasm to start with, in the meantime they have become firmly rooted in the town’s landscape. And here too you can enjoy the nightlife to the full in one of the many bars. My tip: The Irish pub O’Sullivans, with a view of the River Lez and further back, the Occitan Regional Council. The perfect place for beer lovers!

Montpellier and the sea

Days off can happily be spent on the nearby Mediterranean Sea, reached by tram. Alongside the old town, the beach is one of the main locations for Montpellier’s nightlife. Evenings are best enjoyed together on the beach with cocktails and the sunset. If you treat yourself to dinner in the ‘Effet-Mer’ beach bar, you only have to go a few metres to reach the rooftop bar in the ‘la-Dune complex’. For nothing goes better with Montpellier’s attitude to life, than to have fun dancing the night away, having a drink and enjoying life to the full.

Les Estivales de Montpellier

The summer event in Montpellier is Les Estivales de Montpellier. This famous festival takes place in Montpellier’s city centre in July and August; it’s an open-air night market where you can taste local wines and all sorts of regional delicacies. The evening is accompanied by live music. If you’ve planned your visit in the summer months, you should absolutely not miss it! What could be nicer than strolling the streets to the sound of music with a glass of something?