See Brittany

See the sights of Brittany: historic villages, dynamic cities, beautiful chateaux and a sweeping coastline!

Beautiful towns and villages

Rochefort-en-Terre, Dinan, Vannes, Locronan, Saint-Malo… Brittany boasts a glut of seriously photogenic towns, where you’ll feast your eyes as well as your stomach.
Beautiful towns and villages of Brittany

Fairytale chateaux

Visiting Brittany’s chateaux will have you stepping right into a medieval fairytale. From Fougères to Josselin, we round up our favourite five.
Fairytale châteaux

Natural sites

Get out into nature in Brittany’s forests and national parks – or explore the craggy coastline with its numerous secluded bays and estuaries.
Natural sites of Brittany

Stunning islands

Eyes and cameras at the ready for island-hopping in Brittany: you’ll be astounded by the wildlife, the walking trails and the colour of the water.
Stunning islands

Vibrant cities: Rennes and Brest

See the bright lights of these Breton cities: capital Rennes blends old with new inland, while coastal Brest is nestled in one of France’s most beautiful harbours.
Vibrant cities: Rennes and Brest