Rennes with Claire Lascaux

Claire could spend hours telling you about Brittany. A blogger and budding photographer, she fell in love with the region when she moved here ten years ago. Today, she’s taking you to spend a day in the Breton capital of Rennes, just 1.5 hours from Paris!

Lose yourself in the Marché des Lices market

Meander through one of the biggest markets in France, on a Saturday morning in the Place des Lices. Don’t forget to join the queue for that great Breton delicacy: a sausage crepe!

Stroll through Parc du Thabor’s floral gardens

One of Rennes main attractions, remember to visit the Parc du Thabor and smell the hundreds of rose varieties, before stopping for a cup of tea in the park’s cafe.

A bike ride along the Saint-Martin canal

Pick up a public bike (known locally as Vélo Star), and in just a few minutes’ ride along the Saint-Martin canal you’re out in the country.

Jog along the riverbank

If you’re feeling sporty, you can end the day with a run along the riverbank. You’re guaranteed to feel like you’re out of the city thanks to the barges and palm trees that line the canal!

Chez Dylan & Amélie

In Rennes, the brunch scene is booming. My favourite spot is L’Arrivée. Dylan and Amélie serve up nice food made using local ingredients!

35 Boulevard de Beaumont

A 100% vegetarian lunch at Petite Nature

Eat vegetarian at Petite Nature, a restaurant serving light dishes full of flavour.

1 Place de la Rotonde

The locals’ favourite snack stop

Recover from that long walk with Rennes’ favourite cookie from La Kitchenette. Lucie and Lena are there to welcome you into their warm and cosy cafe.

2 Rue Jules Simon

Le Saint Germain

Sample a glass of good wine and tuck into a platter at Saint Germain. You’ll love it’s cosy retro feel.

9 Place Saint-Germain


Definitely try Globe, a restaurant I only discovered recently. The bistro serves original dishes that are always a treat!

32 Boulevard de la Liberté

Unearth a hidden gem at Alaska Brocante & Snack

Unearth hidden gems and the hottest interior decor items at Alaska Brocante & Snack, a snack bar and restaurant. You might even be sipping your coffee at a formica table that you then take home!

14 Rue Dupont des Loges

Who is Claire Lascaux?

Claire could talk about Brittany for hours. A blogger with a passion for photography, she fell in love with the region when she moved here 10 years ago. Her career took her to the little city of Rennes, a city that's not quite so little these days, but is still an accessible size. Now just an hour and a half from Paris, it's never been easier to enjoy a weekend in Rennes and check out the marvels that await along its little cobbled streets. So come along and spend a day with Claire in Brittany's capital!

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