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Orleans through the lens of Monsieur Lamoureux

Sainte-Croix Cathedral in Orleans
Anthony was born in Orleans. Passionate about history and architecture, he’s here to whisk you away on a photo tour through the seasons to discover his beautiful city.
Peace and quiet in the Floral Park
Orleans-la-Source Floral Park

Every bookworm’s favourite, the peace and quiet in Orleans-la-Source’s Floral Park will encourage you to relax and admire the omnipresent nature by the banks of the Sologne.

The source of the Loiret
The source of the Loiret in Orleans

The source of the Loiret, which gave its name to the department, is a peaceful spot just a few cable-lengths from the city but a world away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by water and nature.

The arches of George V Bridge
Mist on the Loire in Orleans

Head back into the city centre and see the Loire, the royal river, cut through Orleans in all its wild splendour, a little bit of nature that can be watched, listened to, and appreciated in any weather…

The quayside at nightfall
Loire quayside at dusk in Orleans

If you walk along the quayside from old Orleans port at nightfall, the light and reflections of the barges give this enchanting setting an aura that can’t be found anywhere else.

Half-timbered houses
Half-timbered houses in Orleans’ old town

Orleans’ old town stretches out along this gentle hillside formed over the centuries, as if drawn to the Loire. The river itself captivates runners and crowds.

Orleans wakes up
Orleans in the morning

Little by little the sleepy city awakens from its slumber. It’s great to stroll through the city for a different view of its buildings in that special light.

Orleans from the top of the Cathedral
An Orleans panorama

The day has dawned, and the city and its majestic views stretch out before your very eyes from the top of this beautiful cathedral, one of Orléans landmarks.

Place Sainte-Croix

A haven of green in the heart of the city
A views of Orleans’ half-timber houses

Now we can hide away in Orleans’ lovingly restored old city centre, and find sanctuary in this perfectly situated piece of living, breathing nature. A haven of green in the heart of the city.

Maison de Maître
Maison de Maître in Orleans

Here and there, outstanding monuments from the seemingly distant past rise above the picture-postcard scenery.

The city of Joan of Arc
The statue of Joan of Arc in Orleans

As you pass through the Place du Martroi, Joan of Arc stands proud in the middle, beckoning us onwards and pointing the way to the cathedral.