Enjoy Le Gigot d'Agneau for Easter!

On Easter Sunday families across France will sit down to eat one Le Gigot d'Agneau (Leg of Lamb).


· 1x leg of lamb on the bone Approx 5kg
· 5 garlic cloves
· 1 pinch of salt
· 1 pinch of pepper
· Olive oil

· 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
· A mixture of dried herbs ½ teaspoon of each, including sage, lavender and thyme


Step 1: Remove the lamb from the fridge about 2-3 hours before you begin the recipe to ensure that the meat is not too cold.

Step 2: Preheat the oven to 220°C.

Step 3: If the skin is still on the meat, remove as much as possible of the white tough skin as possible. Do this by making a small incision and pulling with your fingers, cutting parallel to the meat as you pull. This makes the meat more presentable and easier to eat.

Step 4: Cut the garlic cloves into small pieces.

Step 5: Take a long sharp knife, and cut a thin 1cm incision in the meat. Now put the garlic into the opening. At this point, you may wish to add a couple of leaves of fresh rosemary into the incision, but this is optional.

Step 6: Put the leg of lamb in a large oven dish and lightly cover the meat with olive oil.

Step 7: Season with salt and pepper and, optionally, the dried herbs, on every part of the roast. The olive oil should help the pepper and herbs to stick to the meat, forming a crust-like appearance.

Step 8: Place in the high temperature oven for around 20 minutes to develop a crust, which will prevent the juices from escaping during cooking, as well as adding flavour and visual appeal.

Step 9: Lower the temperature in the oven to around 200°C and continue to cook for 12-15 minutes per pound of weight for a medium serve, or 18 minutes for a well done serve.

Step 10: You may wish to turn the roast when it has been cooking for half of the total time.

Step 11: Once removed from the oven, take out of the oven tray, cover in tin foil and leave to rest for at least 10 minutes to allow the juices to flow back into the meat, and serve. Le Gigot d’Agneau Pascal is traditionally served with green beans and oven roasted potatoes.

Top tip: Whilst allowing the meat to rest, you may wish to place the excess fat in a pan, and place on the stove at a low heat. Add a large glass of chicken stock, deglaze the pan and leave to reduce. This can be served as your sauce.

Time for the degustation

Well done, your salad is now ready to be eaten!
What are you going to pair it with?
Salade nicoise is a wonderful dish to pair wine with. Because this dish is more on the rich side, wine with caracter and complex bouquets will be an amazing combinaison. As a summer wine, rosé would work well with this salad, bringning a touch of lightness to the salad. Not a fan of rosé? Strong red wine work fine too, but here, we personally prefer a chilled white wine, like a classic chardonnay.

Bon appetit!

An easy dish to prepare and cooked to perfection with herbs and simple ingredients but not short on flavour. This dish is perfect for anyone trying the French cuisine! Don't forget to pair it with some wine.