5 dream honeymoons under the sun of the French islands

Honeymoon is synonym for love, sun and wonders. For a romantic getaway in the tropics, discover the French islands with their lush vegetation and rejuvenating landscapes. A pirogue ride, a visit to a pearl farm, a scuba dive in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, a trip to a deserted island, explore lava tunnels and many eco-friendly accommodations. There are a thousand and one adventures to explore these timelessly charming little French quests with your lover. Have a good trip, lovebirds!

Romantic getaway in (almost) unknown land in Guadeloupe

What could be better than a deserted island for a honeymoon? Guadeloupe has many hidden gems to offer. Discover its small treasured island, not often visited by tourists, that are accessible by boat from Saint-François. We are drawn by La Désirade and its tranquillity: hardly more than a thousand residents, including the Lesser Antillean iguanas, herbivores with a dragon look, and the skink lizards, two species that are close to extinction. Your new travel companions are also present on the uninhabited islets of Petite-Terre and plan a catamaran excursion to take in the turquoise waters of the lagoon...

At the entrance of the Guadeloupe National Park, curl up together in an eco-responsible love cocoon at the Basse-Terre or the eco-lodges of the Ilot Palmiers. Labeled Esprit Parc National and winner of the Palme Verte tourism contest, the establishment offers river massages, Creole cooking classes and homemade coconut juice. Heaven by the sea!

L'îlot Palmiers (External link)
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Duo canoe trip in the Kaw marshes, Guyana

Is your heart pounding? No wonder, you're in the Amazonian forest, the lungs of the earth, and more precisely, in the Kaw marshes, south of Cayenne, in the centre of the largest natural and humid reserve in France. Embark on a pirogue and listen to the fauna in motion: herons, kingfishers, snipes. The most daring awaits you in the evening. Let yourself be tempted by a magical and romantic escapade at Camp Cariacou in a carbet, a wooden shelter typical of the region with hammocks as a marital bed. More of a beach than a swamp? Head to the coast to watch the Luth turtle nesting. A show presented by Mother Nature herself.

For food, sneak into the colourful Cayenne market with its intoxicating flavours: watermelons, spices, awara and organic honey. To digest your meal and have a dance for two, take part in the Guiana carnival. The traditional way to do it, women dress up and invite the men onto the dance floor. You know what’s left to do now!

Visiting Guyana (External link)

Snorkeling with her half on the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

No need to look on a map. With its 24,000 km², explore the largest (and most beautiful) lagoon in the world in New Caledoniawith your honeymooner. In the south of the Archipelago, Kanumera Bay and Oro Bay, renowned for its corals and its natural aquarium with transparent waters, the Isle of Pines is a good spot for an underwater rendezvous. We dive for a tête-à-tête with the multicoloured fauna and flora of the reef. Thousands of fish come right up to your feet: angelfish, clownfish or damselfish... plus a few groupers! Back on land, we regain our strength by tasting a good Bougna. A traditional Kanak dish based on meat or fish with sweet potatoes, manioc and coconut milk, all cooked in banana leaves.

As far as accommodation is concerned, the Ouatchoué eco-hotel is a hikers’ favourite. This 400-hectare green setting is ideally located between the capital, Noumea and between the rivers, mountain path and the ocean, the Caledonian forest. You can try catching a couple crayfish in the property’s ponds.

Eco-gîte de la Ouatchoué (External link)
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Lava tunnels to declare your love in Reunion Island

Island of volcanoes. The Reunion has three of them, including the very active Piton de la Fournaise which occupies 40% of the land. A huge playground for nature lovers and hikers. Exploring the lava tunnels with a guide is a fully-fledged underground experience for two. Just look up to see the glittering stalactites on the ceiling of the galleries or the stalagmites frozen to the ground. An excursion that raises the temperature before dinner.

To savour the Creole cuisine, you can sit down in a farm inn or picnic on the island's several parks, lured by the enticing smell of rougail and curry cooked over a wood fire, before enjoying the charm of the Cana Suc country cottages at the foot of the volcano. Not a bad place to declare your love (or rekindle it)!

Cana Suc (External link)
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A black pearl made in Tahiti to please his sweetheart

Travelling the 118 islands of French Polynesia would take a lifetime. So, we drop anchor and set our sights on Manihi in the Tuamotu archipelago. An atoll renowned for its incredible marine biodiversity and its famous locally grown black pearls that shine as brightly as lovers eyes. In between snorkelling trips, you can visit a pearl farm to discover the history of this jewel of the Pacific and offer to your lover a souvenir of Tahiti and her islands.

For the sweet tooths, you will find happiness in the roulottes, the traditional Polynesian restaurants where you can enjoy raw fish in coconut milk. A real treat!

If you are looking for authenticity and cultural immersion, dare to take a honeymoon off the beaten track in a small family-run hotel: private bungalows, palm-roofed houses and lush gardens. Tahiti and her islands are full of little gems for a romantic and eco-friendly getaway.

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