Discovering Poitiers with Pamfashionblog!

Pam is the blogger behind Pamfashionblog, and she’s here to show us around Poitiers. Just over an hour from Paris, it’s the perfect place for a breath of fresh air without leaving the city!

Blossac Park

I love this place. It’s where the city breathes. It has it all (fountains, petting zoo, etc.) and all in one place, and I just love Sunday brunch at the Blossac Park snack bar!

Rue Léopold Thézard

Jasmin Citronnelle

This is the perfect spot for tea lovers like me. It’s really cosy and filled with the subtle aroma of scones and crumbles. So British!

32 rue Gambetta

The banks of the Clain

A little slice of the countryside right in the city. I love to stroll along the banks of the Clain, by the willows and ducks. I often stop in the Jardin des Sens (15 Pont St Cyprien), a peaceful setting to enjoy my sandwich and the latest novel I found in La Belle Aventure bookshop on Rue de la Regratterie in the city centre.

La Roseraie floral park

I’m smitten with this park every time I go. There’s nowhere else like it in Poitiers! It’s the perfect studio for fashion photos for my blog, especially when the flowers are in bloom! My guilty pleasure on a sunny day is to grab some savoury and sweet pastries from the Feuillette bakery, just two minutes’ walk away, and enjoy a sneaky picnic amongst the roses!

Boulangerie Feuillette - 3 Rue de Châlons

L’île Jouteau

I take in the wonderful scenery of the Clain valley on board a row boat, and when I get back I stop for a bite at the Ile Jouteau restaurant!

Restaurant de l'Ile Jouteau - 5 chemin de Tison

L’îlot Tison

I’m really looking forward to enjoying this open-air bar down by the Clain, which will be great for chilling out or enjoying a stroll. It’s due to open in summer 2018!

Moulin de Chasseigne

I come here for the picture-postcard views of the Moulin de Chasseigne, a 19th century mill that leaps out of its verdant setting! You can also keep going along the Clain to the botanic gardens and pay a visit to its tropical greenhouse. It’s my little ray of Poitiers sunshine.

Moulin de Chasseigne - 47 boulevard Chasseigne

Les Antipodes hidden restaurant

Les Antipodes is a restaurant, and a hidden treasure lying beneath Poitiers’ streets. Surprises and tastings await in this unusual venue.

Restaurant Les Antipodes - 65 rue Théophraste Renaudot

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