Designer tour of Avignon’s finest boutiques

Avignon – UNESCO World Heritage City in the centre of Provence, offering alongside many cultural places of interest and one of the biggest wine-growing regions in France, plenty of creative potential. The town seems to be brimming with creativity; all over there are individual boutiques, museums and designer hotels with a very particular local charm. People’s ties to their town are constantly reflected and that makes this town in Southern France so unique for visitors. On a walk through the finest boutiques and designer shops of Avignon, you sense it quickly.

Concept Store Le Nid: Slowlife - where interiors and yoga meet healthy cuisine

I make a first stop at the Concept Store le Nid in Rue des Trois Faucons. Behind the pretty facade of the historic building hides a small bistro offering healthy and organic food, a small designer boutique with select goods – from furniture to soap and greetings cards – everything produced in the region and no cheap goods imported from the Far East, as the owner stresses. Underneath the Belle Epoque glass facade there also hides a yoga studio, finishing off the concept. The idea behind the three-pronged store, is to create a place of well-being with select, high-quality products and you sense that when you walk in.

Address: 7, rue des Trois Faucons

Vox Populi – poetic Design, that cast a spell over Brad Pitt

Not far away lies the inspiring Vox Populi showroom which the artist Pascale Palun founded. I was able to quickly have a look in her workshop opposite. Unique designer pieces can be found in this great shop, that really comes into its own under the glass Belle Epoque ceiling. The floral and fantastic works carry the viewer off to a poetic dream world. I find that the design mirrors the dreamy poetry of Provence and would perfectly suit an old cottage. Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and John Malkovich, thought so too: they had their homes decorated with works from Vox Populi.

Address: 35 bis Rue de la Bonneterie

Plume du Paon – colourful design from Provencal artists

On the other hand, Emma’s boutique, Plume du Paon is completely different. She sells a colourful mixture of clothes, jewellery and accessories for women and children. She likes to create a bit of interaction with her boutique. Here, you can find beautiful handmade and unusual pieces at an affordable price, styled by designers from the closer region. Emma selects the 30 to 35 designers herself and specifies a theme for collections twice a year.

Address: 91 rue de la Bonneterie

Collection Lambert: Classic art in an old mansion takes centre stage

If you’re more interested in modern art, you should visit the Lambert Collection in the Museum of Modern Art. The museum is housed in a former 18th century manor house. Yvon Lambert was a collector and art dealer from Paris who exhibited 350 works of contemporary art here.

Tip: You can enjoy a wonderfully quiet and relaxing lunch in the pretty inner courtyard. The food is very good.

Address: 5 Rue Violette

Maison de Fogasses – extravagant rooms with show-cooking events

The designer tour carries on through Avignon to Maison de Fogasses in Rue des Fourbisseurs. Corinne, the lady of the house and a passionate fashionista, has created a unique home here. Every salon has been decorated differently and springs from the hostess’s creativity; she has successfully created a homely atmosphere with an extravagant stylistic confidence. The Maison de Fogasses offers rooms for tourists with show-cooking events. In the summer you can relax in the pretty garden in the backyard.

Address: 37 Rue des Fourbisseurs

Hotel tip: Boutique hotel, Hôtel de l’Horloge

If you’d like to stay somewhere stylish overnight in central Avignon, the boutique hotel Hôtel de l’Horloge is just right. The hotel has a very central location on Place de L’Horloge and is near to the Palais des Papes. All the attractions mentioned can be reached on foot.

Address: 1 Rue Félicien David (External link)