Come with me on my tour of discovery of the nightlife in Toulouse!

Toulouse is ever more interesting for young tourists thanks to its lively centre, but for students too. Life takes place on the streets; bars, cafés or small festivals, this town positively pulses with a joie de vivre and a party mood. The mix of culture and conversation inspired Laura too, who took us on a tour of discovery across Toulouse.

Joie de vivre in Place Saint Pierre

In this lively square, students use the cafés for a study break and we too enjoyed the time there with a good cup of coffee. I would especially recommend a stroll along the Saint Pierre bridge. From there, we were delighted by a great view over the Garonne river and the surrounding quarter.

A refreshment stop in the town centre

Discovery tours make you hungry and in the centre of bigger towns the restaurant options are usually vast, making it hard to decide. Around Place Saint Georges there are some very good restaurants and I can thoroughly recommend the Monsieur Georges. This modern restaurant is located on Place Saint Georges, thus having the perfect position for us to immerse ourselves in the Toulouse nightlife after a delicious dinner.

Taking to the floor at the Tango Postale

At the Tango Postale enthusiastic dancers from the neighbourhood commemorate the tango together. All generations get together for the evenings in Place Saint Pierre and dance to exceptionally good live music and all kinds of delights from the region. There can’t be a better place to experience Toulouse’s joie de vivre! Despite little tango experience we had a wonderful evening, were warmly welcomed and may even have learned one or two dance steps.

Party in the Downtown Factory

The Downtown Factory lies only a few minutes’ walk from the centre. Surrounded by small bars you will find everything that any dance-fan’s heart desires, located in a uniquely converted cellar. The music genre tends towards techno, but at intervals they play hits, so there is something for everyone. If you visit Toulouse during the week and you’re scrimping, then I would recommend clubbing on a Wednesday, when entrance is free.

The difficult decision between Guinguette and café

After a long night, the next day we needed copious amounts of coffee. And we were in luck, because the only difficulty that you encounter looking for a decent coffee in Toulouse, is the decision between a Guinguette – an open-air restaurant with a dance floor – and a café. That afternoon, we enjoyed a frothy cappuccino in a lovely café right on the Garonne. My tip then is the Café des Artistes!

Prelude to the evening

You can get a very exclusive dinner at Le Cosmopolitain. Here it’s all about seeing and being seen, and if in good weather you can manage to grab one of the coveted outside places, well they’re perfect for people-watching. But there are some highlights indoors too along with the food; For instance, the walls are designed in an interesting way with fashionable playthings like shelving, all the way to the ceiling. The way the food is presented is also trendy and in keeping with the restaurant’s name, there was also a Cosmopolitan Cranberry for us.

Roaming the bar quarter

To round off a visit to Toulouse I recommend visiting the bar quarter at least once. And I recommend three streets in particular, which run parallel to each other: The rue des 7 Troubadours, the rue Gabriel Péri and the rue de la Colombette. Some nice bars and cafés are located here and in the evening you sense the pure joie de vivre on the streets. Generations celebrate exuberantly together on the streets of Toulouse. My recommendation: Le Télégramme. Before it turns into a bar in the evening, you can eat extremely well here and afterwards indulge in one or two cocktails.