Clermont: what to do, what to see...

Clermont-Ferrand is France’s volcanic capital of rugby… and short films. Its cathedral is built from black volcanic stone. The 80 or so dormant volcanoes nearby can be fully appreciated from the top of the Puy de Dôme. Their explosive atmosphere is mirrored in the bustling flea markets and food markets, where you can sample the local Saint-Nectaire cheese, and during the annual Short Film Festival.


• Sensational views of the city and 80 dormant volcanoes from the Puy de Dôme
• The majestic Gothic cathedral on the hill in the historical centre
• The pedestrian antique and booksellers’ district
• Notre-Dame-du-Port Basilica listed as UNESCO World Heritage
• Place the Jaude with its jet fountains and Vercingetorix statue


• Taste the many varieties of Auvergne cheese at Saint-Pierre Market or Saint-Joseph Hall
• Ride to the top of the Puy de Dôme on the Panoramic train
• Enjoy the contemporary music scene at Le Coopérative de Mai
• Support the ASM rugby team at the stadium or during a pub-crawl
• Contemporary art at La Tôlerie, FRAC, Centre for Photography or other museums


• Saint-Nectaire cheese
• Typical truffade or aligot potato and cheese dishes
• Fruit paste and jellies made for almost 800 years
• Petit Salé (salted pork) served with Puy lentils
• Chateldon naturally sparkling mineral water


• Cheese to make your own truffade or aligot
• Fruit paste and jellies from confectionary masters Cruzilles
• A yellow and blue ASM rugby shirt
• Beef and fine pork charcuterie
• A set of sharp design steak knives from Thiers

Getting to Clermont