A chateau in the land of "Bastides" in Perigord

A half-day family trip, in and around the village of Biron: French history, hiking and winetasting!

While staying in the Périgord, we decided to discover with the family the picturesque village of Biron, located between Périgord and Agenais. Biron, known for its imposing chateau and is listed as a Historic Monument.

As soon as we arrive, we are surprised by the imposing silhouette that suddenly emerges out of the woods. We were told it was one of the department’s most important chateaux… we were not lied to, the view is breathtaking and we do recommend it to you!

The atypical architecture of the building harmoniously blends the different styles from the 12th to the 18th century and it is easy to understand why it has been a popular shooting place of many films. Biron and its setting are like a journey through history.

The concept of “terroir” is essential to Sandra and Francis: the encounter with its inhabitants, the sharing of a know-how, the relationship between man and nature are for them the basis to discover a region or a country.

It was in this sumptuous setting where we met Sandra and Francis of France’s Impressions Voyages, who us an experience combining history, cultural heritage hiking, encounter and gastronomy. Let us tell you all about it !

Sandra and Francis decided 25 years ago to turn over a new page and to be more in line with their philosophy of life: getting closer to nature and to immerse themselves in the life of a village, a region. They fell in love at first sight with a «Perigord house» that was for sale in Biron. The couple decided to drop down their suitcases in the Bastides Country (bastides are medieval “new towns”), which stretches over the region around the emblematic Biron Castle. This place is the witness of eventful history written in a specific environment. Their profession today: designers of trips and guide-lecturers.

In the village of Biron all is united for a family visit!

We had an appointment at the village’s market hall at 9:30 AM; the sun beautifully illuminates the old village that is proudly dominated by the imposing medieval edifice.

The same setting has been here every day of the year for several centuries… ramparts, laundry places, wells, walkways, machicolations, market halls, a Romanesque Church and stilt houses. The village bell rings and together we stroll about the narrow streets to discover various spots and vistas. We and the children are immediately carried away by the amazing history of the Château des «Gontaut-Biron», an illustrious family who has rubbed shoulders with the kings of France. In addition to the history of the Castle and its six centuries of transformation, Sandra tells us about the village, the different areas, the stone houses and the local people.

We leave the village by the road leading to Monpazier and start a 3 km hike passing by the main the stables of the chateau , that were sold several decades ago by the squire, to the great despair of the village people.
While walking on the Roman road that crosses the woods, we can enjoy at the horizon the proud shape of the castle.
We savor in silence this walk through nature and Sandra shares with us her passion for anecdotes by brilliantly retracing the history of the area. We learn that the oral tradition is transmitted in Occitan and still today, it feeds historical research conducted by enthusiasts. We talk about one thing or another, about flora or mushrooms like the famous black truffle of Périgord.

It is a walk in the heart of a still preserved nature, rich by the diversity of its geography, its fauna and its flora, that leads us to another universe, that of winemaking as we now arrive at the former vineyard of the lords of Biron.

A Meeting with enthusiast organic winemakers and… tasting of natural and healthy wines.

The domain La Tuque is a vineyard that was registered Organic in 2017; its hillsides are situated on a promontory, on the other side of the valley and offer a splendid view of the village and its castle.

Gilles and Vincent have made the choice to produce organic wines from the Périgord (listed Indication Géographique Protégée) since 2018 and the least we can say is that we find in the wines the values of simplicity, inviting, natural and sharing in total harmony. The estate is open all year round and its hosts are happy to welcome guests from around the world as they will do during the Spring Festival where all the inhabitants are invited to a picnic.

While savoring these wines, made without pesticides or fertilizers, the owner of the winery tells with us with enthusiasm the history of this vineyard and it is quickly understood that the making of local wine is again possible today thanks to wine lovers who work the land with respect and passion to produce a wine from ancient grape varieties that find the right balance in this soil.

We were even honored by the visit of the Mayor who often comes here to greet visitors.

It is now time to return to the village of Biront in Occitan. The group is more spread out on the way back, everyone seems immersed in their dreams, in their memories…

Back around 1:00 PM, we warmly thank our 2 guides who took care of us during the whole visit that we have enjoyed so much!

And speaking of enjoyment, we decided we needed a good lunch so we went to the Auberge du Château de Biron for a well- deserved meal!

We like to select the places we take our customers to

This sentence illustrates well the professional attitude of France’s Impressions Voyages, so do not hesitate to contact Sandra and Francis to experience another adventure, they have many other secrets and good plans to share with you!

For France’s Impressions, Adventure is to explore and discover by yourself, Sandra and Francis will give you the keys… then it’s up to you to open the doors!