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Visit outstanding cultural attractions or take a hike amongst the peaks? A romantic tour of the wine route or a family cruise? What will this year's
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Admire Nancy with Madame Antoine

Place Stanislas
When you first arrive in a new city, you often don’t suspect the wealth of experiences in store for you. I myself am still finding new ones every day! So here are my favourite spots in Nancy!
The École de Nancy Museum
Ecole de Nancy Museum

This museum is testament how Art Nouveau flourished in Nancy in the early 20th century. It’s a little bit out of the way, tucked away inside an old residence, but is definitely worth a visit to get a better understanding of Art Nouveau.

38 Rue Sergent Blandan (External link)

Rue Félix Faure
Rue Félix Faure in Nancy

It’s one of my favourite streets in Nancy because you can admire the superb examples of Art Nouveau and the houses with their fantastic and colourful art so iconic of the architect César Pain.

Parc de Saurupt
Parc de Saurupt in Nancy

A real village museum in Nancy! I like to go there and admire the wonderful Art Nouveau villas built – and lived in – by the leading architects of the era. It never fails to impress me each time I visit.

L’Autre Canal
L’Autre Canal in Nancy

Located not far from the Rives de Meurthe, this concert hall is a temple to Nancy’s musical culture! L’Autre Canal also hosts exhibitions and cultural events in its ancient halls, showcasing local artists.

45 Boulevard d'Austrasie

Jean-Marie Pelt Botanic Gardens
Jean-Marie Pelt Botanic Gardens in Nancy

You need to climb a bit to get into this garden, but I can’t get enough of the multitude of plants and flowers it contains. It also has a regular programme of events.

100 Rue du Jardin-Botanique

Galerie Poirel
Galerie Poirel in Nancy

This art gallery is right in the city centre, but it can be hard to spot. Located next to the Poirel concert hall, this long gallery is spread across two floors and hosts modern art, architecture, and design exhibitions. I love its clean, modern interior.

3 Rue Victor Poirel

Opéra National de Lorraine
Opéra National de Lorraine in Nancy

Found on Place Stanislas, the opera is imposing and majestic. It is a world-renowned opera with a packed programme. What’s more, it offers guided tours to small groups. These privileged tours let you in on the special feeling of being behind the scenes.

1 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Place Stanislas
Place Stanislas in Nancy

You can’t mention Nancy without mentioning its iconic square! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Place Stanislas is where all of Nancy rubs shoulders. I like to stop and take a photo to capture its special golden light.

Maison Jean Prouvé
Maison Jean Prouvé in Nancy

A world-renowned architect, Jean Prouvé was Nancy born and bred. His Nancy home, built using recovered materials, is now open to visitors, and has become a work of modern art in its own right! Open to visitors only on Saturdays in summer.

6 Rue Augustin Hacquard
Maison Jean Prouvé (External link) (in french)
The Jean Prouvé family house and the Factory's office pavilion (External link)

Porte de la Craffe
Porte de la Craffe in Nancy

Nancy boasts a multitude of architectural styles, as different centuries rub shoulders here. The Porte de la Craffe is one such example – the imposing 14th-century remains of the medieval fortifications that once surrounded the city.