Step into the future, travel to a new digital world... All very realistic!

I haven't had the chance to travel through time aboard Marty McFly's DeLorean and yet, I feel like I have experienced a time-space warp, just as Dr. Emmett Brown tries to explain to us! In the famous film trilogy, the teenager leaps 30 years in time to arrive in 2015 and land in a totally futuristic universe where High-tech has invaded everyone's daily life. Well, this future has become a factual present, a reality, unique in France, to be experienced thanks to the concept developed by the Cyber Games 24 team. Rendezvous at Creysse, on the outskirts of the capital of the Périgord Pourpre, Bergerac.

1 address, 2 zones, more than 10 different activities and games for everyone!

Are you nostalgic for your childhood, the arcades and video games? Do you long for new technologies, to awaken your senses and discover new sensations, strong, magical and/or playful?

Then don't hesitate to discover new leisure activities in this antechamber of interactive and sporting fun. Immerse yourself in a warm family atmosphere with Julien, the owner of the premises, and Carole, his wife, who will welcome you with open arms.

From the outside, you would never believe it, but once you walk through the doors, a vast world opens up to you. The 500m2 of space are very well laid out and you can circulate easily amongst the 11 ultra-fun games on offer. We are a little amazed by all these devices which come from all 4 corners of the world.

An animator is always available to guide us in all these new techniques and helps us to make this moment a rich, varied, totally new and incredibly exciting experience! You will experience unsuspected sensations , thrills and extreme fun.

And there's something to enjoy, whatever your age (and it's not necessarily the youngest who have the most fun, believe us...) and for as long as you want, thanks to the different formulas available.

The world of 2.0 and the magic of virtual reality

Welcome to a parallel galaxy, a latest-generation playground with exceptional equipment, little gems of new technology that few of us have had the opportunity to actually see!

Almost everybody (over 10 years old) can drive a Formula 1 car on the asphalt, draw weapons to destroy a zombie invasion, or hurtle at full speed on the most amazing roller coaster that exists. Some skilful pilots will leave with a voucher for a session in a specially set up competition at Bergerac go-kart track offered by the owner of the site!

But what's so different from the video games we all know, you ask? Here, we sit in simulators and put on enhanced reality masks that immerse our whole being in phantasmagorical sensations... like a trip to another planet!!

> 5 different machines for fantastic adventures <

2 Kat Walk

Climb on to a circular platform, walk, turn and move around in a supernatural universe using the 2 levers in your hands to protect you from chimeric creatures.

1 vibrating station

Standing on a vibrating platform, your enhanced reality goggles will take you on a ride, a race, a flight, a rollercoaster...

1 Double Pods

A new, somewhat barbaric word to designate a similar videogame practice, with new, crazy adventures.

2 racing car simulators

You think you are Alain Prost? Sit down in your seat and hit the accelerator and achieve the best possible times behind the wheel of a racing car.

1 super egg

Comfortably installed in this giant egg, you can experience a multitude of attractions with the most diverse scenarios.

Have fun and practice sports... like never before

There are not only "geeks" here; Sunday sports and other fitness enthusiasts will find satisfaction through some very innovative, out of the ordinary and fun activities that are sure to please.

Everybody has already tried to climb a small rocky mound while walking along a path! But have you ever been in a battle with a friend whilst hanging on a climbing wall, and throwing a virtual ball using your hands, feet or any other disarticulated member of your body? Well, here we offer you the opportunity to do so and you can even send each other a video of the game by e-mail to keep a vivid memory of your climbing exploits

On the Lü interactive wall, from the age of 8, and with no upper age limit, you can also have fun playing the 40 edutainment, skill and reflex games where you have to combine agility and reflection. Loads of fun in store!

> A multifaceted play and sports area <

Digisport 2

A subtle combination of sports practice and new technology. Be quick and skilful and use your hands, feet or rackets to send round or oval balls, arrows, bullets... solo, in pairs or teams.

Interactive Lü wall

Exercise and have a lot of fun, and get educated by taking part in battles on a wall that offers dozens of entertainments with crazy and funny rules.


Experience a new way of playing billiards. Leave the cue aside, get going ... and put the balls in the holes.

Climbing wall

Climb this next generation wall in a warm and secure environment. The tactile tablet offers you different game modes, duels, missions...

An innovative and unique concept suited to all types of public

Most people will easily come and spend 2 hours in this den of fun, alone, with friends or family, but Cyber Games 24 adapts to all, and is ready to welcome sports clubs, associations, day care centres or companies looking for a new kind of business tourism.

All sorts of tailor-made solutions are available for a private hire, for part of a stag night, or any other event for example. Children can celebrate birthdays in the (virtual) company of a terrifying monster that you meet on a trip to a faraway planet...

Theme evenings are organised on a regular basis and offer the opportunity to relax in a new setting, as well as enjoying a snack bar with light refreshments, beers and soft drinks.

Finally, sports enthusiasts such as the Bergerac Football Club fans (with whom the structure has a partnership), can come and watch retransmissions of football matches.

As you can see, there's something for everyone at Cyber Games 24, so you can escape to the end of the space-time continuum without risk... and not even Biff Tannen will stop you!

Practical Information

Hygiene and Sanitary Conditions

During this period, as in a restaurant, it is compulsory to wear a mask when moving around, but it can be removed at each play area. We also provide you with " under-masks " specially designed for virtual reality goggles. Not forgetting an exemplary grid of the premises and hydro gel everywhere!

Opening times

Tuesday, Wednesday: 14h / 23h
Thursday: 14h - 19h
Friday and Saturday: 14h - midnight
Sunday: 14h - 18h
Tuesday and Thursday - advance booking necessary


Cyber Games 24
136 Avenue de la Roque 24100 CREYSSE, 06 29 61 97 55
Website: (External link)