A cultural and quirky take on Mulhouse with A la conquête de l’Est!

Mulhouse is an intriguing city! While its image is still somewhat tainted by its industrial past, it’s winning over art lovers and artists from far and wide, and has forged a solid reputation for street and modern art.

The Kunsthalle: Art in a foundry!

When industrial meets modern: an art venue in an old foundry. The programme at the Kunsthalle includes modern art exhibitions, artist residencies and productions.

16 Rue de la Fonderie

The mural trail: look up and admire the walls!

This 90-minute tour takes in some little-known parts of the city where facades, courtyards, modern frescoes, and murals retrace Mulhouse’s history.

M.U.R.: pop-up art in all its glory

Every month, an artist puts their work on the M.U.R (Reactive Urban Module) and invites locals to a vernissage for a friendly, and arty, get-together.

9 Rue de la Moselle

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The Mécaniques Urbaines festival: when culture and industrial heritage meet

In June, Mulhouse lays on its eclectic and unique festival at the Friches DMC. It focuses on graffiti, with an open-air gallery, art performances, and contemporary music.

Bâtiment 75 at the DMC: all the performances happen here!

My favourite place in Mulhouse! A unique space, and one that is 100% industrial given that it’s a DMC building that’s been taken over by artists. Spread across several floors, the residents of Bâtiment 75 share a mutual passion for art. Here, anything can be transformed, displayed and experienced.

13 Rue de Pfastatt

The Fish Quay – an urban canvas for street artists

The Fish Quay is well worth a visit, even if it is a bit out of the way. The Quay is several hundred metres long and has become Mulhouse’s biggest wall for free expression, where work by local and international artists can be seen side by side.

Le Nouveau Bassin – relaxing strolls & modern art

I like to go for a stroll in the Nouveau Bassin as much for the bird life as for the variety of artwork that can be seen by the path.

The Letterbox Trail – an innovative partnership!

When the local authority, the French Post Office, and the artist C215 team up on a joint project, the result is a city trail in 21 stages, marked by customized letterboxes. Try and recognise the characters they depict!

Le Séchoir – the place to be for art lovers

Inside a disused tile factory congregate artists of all disciplines. They are known as “les sécheurs”, French for “drop-outs”. Forming a genuine art facility, the Séchoir is a venue for debate, creativity, inspiration, and exhibitions. Come and see for yourself!

25 Rue Josué Hofer, La Tuilerie

The Digital Modern Art trail– a new way to see Mulhouse

This trail of just under 2 hours takes you around Mulhouse from Porte Jeune to the Nouveau Bassin, as you discover 26 pieces of art throughout the city. My favourite has to be the statue of Hector!

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