Smell Brittany

The food markets of Rennes and Lorient and the biscuit workshops of Pont-Aven offer a pleasant sensory alternative to the fresh coastal air. It’s all just a hop across the Channel with Brittany Ferries.

Local produce at the markets

If you fancy an autumn stroll combined with smelling and sampling the local produce, the local markets are unmissable tourist attractions – and there are very few towns or villages in Brittany without their own version. Here are a couple of our favourites…

The Marché des Lices in Rennes is the second largest market in France and it’s the beating heart of the city every Saturday morning. There are two market halls for fresh and craft products, fruit and vegetables in front of the half-timbered houses, fishmongers stalls and a profusion of flowers outside the café terraces – what more could you want? People meet on the pavements, share a coffee or an aperitif, have something to eat and, most important of all, soak up the energy that spills out from the stalls of 300 producers and shopkeepers, all keen to start their weekend in the best possible way.

The Merville market in Lorient is the town’s gourmet showstopper, showcasing all the best of the local catch. Lorient is Brittany’s premier fishing port, more important than Boulogne and Le Guilvinec, landing 25,000 tons of fish every year – so it’s the obvious place to go for fine fresh fish in the local market. Although hake and monkfish are the most frequently caught, large quantities of langoustines are on offer every day in the fish market, looking nice and pink and lively and selling at unbeatable prices.

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Biscuit workshops

East of Concarneau, Pont-Aven (External link) has a tasty tradition of biscuit-making. No visit would be complete without buying some galettes from Biscuiterie Traou Mad, where these thick butter biscuits (not pancakes) were invented in 1920. ‘Traou Mad’ means ‘good things’ in Breton and the recipe is a closely guarded secret. The biscuits contain no preservatives and make a perfect souvenir to bring home after visiting the workshop.

Fish canneries

Did you know that sardines are deep-fried before they are canned? La Belle-Iloise cannery in Quiberon (External link) is a fully working cannery open to the public. Watch the process from a balcony and explore a couple of rooms of historic canning machinery and illustrations of fishing and canning.

Get there with Brittany Ferries

The best way of exploring Brittany is in the comfort of your own car, packed with everything you need. With Brittany Ferries you can sail direct to Brittany from Portsmouth or Plymouth.
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