A round (of) golf

Golf, whether played solo, amongst friends or with family, is a sport that satisfies all your needs and desires.

Golf and shopping

Whether in cities, vineyards, or the countryside, flesh out your golf getaway with a little shopping. France has it all: big department stores, designer boutiques, shops specialised in local terroir products, arts and crafts...

Enjoying a stay at the Terre Blanche Hôtel & Spa or the Royal Mougins? Take advantage of being along the Mediterranean to explore Cannes' luxury boutiques and other one-of-a-kind shops like the Grau du Roi, which sells the "Little Marcel" clothing brand, or Lourmarine in Sainte-Maxime, a store specialised in traditional Provencal cloth that also provides sound decorating advice. Luxury shopping, jewellery, fine foods, flea markets or big chain names - you will find it all in the Ile-de-France region! So, if you happen to be staying at the Golf Hôtel de Mont Griffon, not so far from Paris, make sure you make it into the Capital for a 100% shopping getaway! In Limousin, combine golf with a lesson on craftsmanship by visiting one of the porcelain manufactures in Limoges. Whether in Normandy, with Deauville, its luxury boutiques and unique architecture, or in Brittany, where local specialty products abound, there is some serious shopping to be done in each of the French regions.

Golfing with the family

In France, there are many special offers and services for golfers who wish to travel with their families, like clubs for children, established to initiate young ones to the pleasures of golf. This is the case at the Dolce Fregate in Provence, for example, a resort synonym to relaxation and wellbeing, which also boasts a magnificent 18-hole course. They have many family-adapted packages that allow you to golf while getting the most out of their other assets and activities.

At the Evian Royal Resort, the Kid’s Resort organises a myriad of activities for children aged from four months to 16 years old. If, like you, your kids are interested in golf, they have a training centre with age-adapted programs that teach valuable beginner moves and strategies, and this, on one of Europe's most beautiful courses.
And why not get a family golf membership at the Village Pierre & Vacances Club Port-Bourgenay in the Loire Valley? With two unique 18-hole courses, it's the ideal setting for spending a day on the green with the family!