Normandy, cradle of impressionism


The charms of Normandy have inspired the greatest impressionist painters, from Monet to Renoir, as well as Cezanne, Gauguin, Sisley and so many others who painted those unique landscape, most of which still intact today, and offered them to us as a token of Normandy’s timeless beauty…

Going to Normandy is getting a chance to walk into the footsteps of the greatests impressionist artists and to see these landscapes, villages, colours, with our own eyes.

Monet’s magic place: Giverny

Starting by Giverny, Money’s heavenly garden reminds us of a place we feel we know but unfolds many more mysteries with its bridges, its flowers, its water lilies and its colour reflecting ponds…

Not far from there, nestled in a parc covered with ancient trees, we discover the flambé-glazed bricks of the Château Le Clos (External link) , its restaurants and its Gustave Eiffel-style ironwork conservatory, offering a haven of peace and authenticity.

Honfleur, the city of poets and painters, through the ages

Another must see, the medieval city of Honfleur and its port still in activity, its numerous art galleries and artists workshops… And nearby, the Ferme Saint Simeon hotel (External link) , a magnificent seventeenth century inn where rising artists came to be inspired, and where today we can take painting classes, and enjoy the gourmet restaurant « Les Impressionists » and its traditional local cuisine orchestrated by awarded chefs.

Overlooking the sea, one of the largest impressionist museum: the MUMA

Symbolically located opposite Honfleur, the Havre also draws us in with its modernity and its impressive artwork collections. By the sea, in a contemporary and welcoming architecture letting in the wonderful natural light so dear to the impressionists, the MUMA museum is home to a rich selection of impressionist masterpieces from Boudin, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Pissarro…

A tasty gastronomy

When going a little further west of Normandy, we come about the surprising Château d’Audrieu (External link) , which offers not only sumptuous suites but also a luxury tree house with an exceptional panorama of the English gardens of the castle and all the way to the nearby village of Audrieu.
Honoring the diversity of traditional normand products, the Chateau produces its own cider, a symbol of the region, and also grows its own vegetable garden, all served in their gourmet restaurant.