Gastronomy and “terroir”

Enjoy an introduction to French gastronomy via one of the many original initiatives introduced by our producers!

Our cheese-makers and maturing cellars often offer tours followed by a tasting, and it is usually possible to buy products directly from producers.

Farmers who are part of the ”Bienvenue à la ferme” (External link) (Welcome to the Farm) network are happy to welcome visitors to their properties, where they offer a number of different options such as the “ferme auberge” concept (traditional meals prepared using local recipes and produce directly from the farm), farm snacks and the sale of products direct from the property.

“Sites remarquables du goût” (External link)
Around one hundred food production areas within France are part of this network, the aim of which is to promote their products and the traditions relating to them. Members include the salt marshes of the Guérande, the oyster beds of the Marennes, the Alsace wine route, the wines of Saint-Emilion, meat from Salers, olives from Nyons etc.

Cookery courses are another popular activity nowadays, with many chefs offering classes, some of which are run by the leading lights of the culinary world in their own restaurants, and which are suitable for experienced professional chefs as well as enthusiastic amateurs – all you need to do is to choose the course for you.

Over the centuries, France has created its own extraordinary culinary traditions.

The country can be likened to a huge gastronomic buffet in which every area and region showcases its own specialities, products and culture with great pride. Everything is based around high-quality traditional products which are used to create simple, honest cuisine which is highly flavoured and is imbued with the scent of the seasons and, above all, the real and authentic taste which you’ll only find in traditional local ingredients.