Culture and Spirituality

Majestic churches and cathedrals, monasteries and abbeys listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites… Above and beyond their spiritual dimension, these sacred buildings also have great artistic and cultural value.

Abbeys and monasteries

Explore Mont-Saint-Michel's famous Benedictine abbey with its abbey church, its cloister, monks' covered walkway and the gardens of Merveille (or Marvel).

Pursue your journey through Normandy via a historical route of Norman abbeys: Saint-Georges de Boscherville, Mondaye, Notre-Dame de Bonport… More than 30 abbeys open their doors for simple visits, exhibits or concerts.

In Burgundy, discover the Fontenay Abbey, one of France's oldest Cistercian monasteries. In the Loire Valley, near Saumur, enhance your visit of the Fontevraud Abbey thanks to contemporary designers who have created modern atmospheres that help us relate the setting to its history.

From the top of the most beautiful cathedrals

In Paris, scale to the apex of Notre-Dame Cathedral for a breath-taking 306° panoramic view of historic Paris and the Seine.

In Strasbourg, climb the 332 steps that lead you to the top of the cathedral, passing by the Astronomical Clock, automatically activated at 12:30pm daily.

The ascension of the Reims Cathedral towers in Champagne offers a true lesson in Gothic architecture.

Stops along the way to Compostela

Marked by many historical treasures, the routes to Santiago de Compostela are witness to a wealthy artistic and cultural heritage.

Starting at the Pyrenean Piedmont, make your way to the fortified city of Carcassonne at the foot of Pont Vieux.

On the Via Podiensis (or the Voie du Puy), take a discovery tour of the Puy-en-Velay Cathedral's Roman cloister.

The Via Turonensis (or Voie de Tours) leads to the La Sauve-Majeure Abbey near Bordeaux, and to a breathtaking vantage point of the Entre-deux-Mers area.