Family Vacation in New Caledonia

Voilà! Find yourself on one of the largest lagoons in the world, right smack in the middle of the South Pacific! Lush fauna and flora lie next to immense sandy beaches, and the mountain range that crosses the island of Grande Terre is a paradise for hikers in love with nature and freedom.

The Best Time to Visit

Throughout the year, the island of eternal spring welcomes you with its tropical climate and its dazzling sun. During the cool season (mid-May to mid-September), temperatures range between 70 and 80 degrees. The hot season runs from mid-November to mid-April, with temperatures staying in the upper 70s to 80s.

Maritime activities

  • Sailing: On a sailboat or a motor boat, explore the Caledonian lagoon from July to September to see dolphins, turtles or whales, and relax in a tropical paradise on the small islets.
  • Canoe in the Bay of Upi:Glide over the water to the rhythm of a traditional canoe paddles on Upi Bay. Adventure out to the clear, turquoise waters of the Isle of Pines for an idyllic and relaxing ride.
  • Kayak: In freshwater or on the sea, enjoy the wild beauty of Caledonian shores and its crystal clear lagoon.
  • Diving / snorkeling:The snorkeling activities (for those 8 years-old and up) will introduce you to diving sites known for their exceptional marine biodiversity.
  • Hiking: The hiking trails on Grande Terre and the other islands are suitable for all levels and in every season. By foot, by bike, or on horseback, you will have the pleasure of strolling through some of the most unique landscapes in the world.
  • Ziplining and aerial ropes courses: Courses of varying levels are a fun family activity that brings you closer to the exceptional flora of the place.

Activities on Land

Aerial Activities

Discover the varied landscapes and the Caledonian lagoon from the sky in an ultralight aircraft, helicopter, or even a parachute!

Cultural Activities

  • Art and heritage: Explore the historical Caledonian heritage and local art at the Tjibaou Cultural Center and the Nouméa City Museum.
  • Aquarium of the Lagoons: Discover the coral reef without getting wet! The Aquarium of the Lagoons is one of the best destinations in the capital, Nouméa. Turtles, fluorescent coral, and multitudes of fish are there to greet you with a great time for everyone.


Accommodations in New Caledonia range trom a 5-star hotel (Le Meridien Nouméa) to rural or tribal cottages, home stays or camping in noteworthy sites, and all are well-suited for an unforgettable family vacation.