Experience the French Caribbean Island of Martinique, an explosion of Joie de vivre...


With its verdant summits, the coolness and charm of its well-preserved natural sites will enthrall walking enthusiasts (the ascent of Montagne Pelée). Martinique provides the ideal conditions for sailing, windsurfing and even canyoning in the wild waters. This seductive island is also brimming with diving sites of extraordinary beauty, such as Le Rocher du Diamant or those in the bay of Saint-Pierre. There are a multitude of opportunities to “live” Martinique and to understand its culture and traditions thanks to events, museum visits, visits to distilleries and by stopping off at towns with a prestigious past, such as Saint-Pierre and Fort-de-France.

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A wide range of exceptional landscapes, a rich natural habitat that is wild and untouched.

A cultural heritage with multiple influences, a local population that is friendly and welcoming.

The cuisine of Martinique: a fusion of dishes from all horizons, demonstrating French savoir-faire, African exuberance and the delicate spices of the West Indies. Martinique is host to the best rums in the world, the only ones awarded the prestigious label Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC).

Ranked by the Caribbean Tourism Quality Index safest Caribbean island, Martinique offers a great road network and Top-notch medical facilities. Hit the road and experience its discovery to the fullest.


Clément foundation: The foundation is up and running and presents superb exhibits of Caribbean and International contemporary art.

St Pierre, city of art and history, the little Pompéi of the Caribbean.


Martinique plays host to a unique niche diving market with over 22 dive sites, 44 diving structures of clubs and associations and a cornucopia of untapped wreck sites with optimal diving (External link) conditions in the bluest waters in this region.

One of the highlights of Martinique’s extraordinary diving sites includes the Saint-Pierre wrecks, offering one of the Caribbean’s most accessible undersea journeys back in time. Once known as The Paris of the Caribbean, Saint-Pierre was converted into The Pompeii of the Caribbean when Mt. Pelée volcano erupted in 1902, destroying the city and a number of ships docked in its bustling harbor, now offering visitors a unique window into Martinique’s rich historical past.