Discovering Roanne!

The Joseph Déchelette Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology

Installed in a big town house of Roanne, the Déchelette museum, second museum of the department, has several archeological sections (Gallic, Roman, Egyptian), Fine Arts (Flemish primitives to Jean Puy) and Decorative Arts department with one of the richest collections in France (Italian majolica of the 16th century, 18th century Roanne productions, contemporary creations and much more).

Roanne, sporting city!

Led by the Chorale Basket, Champion of France 2007, the people of Roanne defend their colours on the floors of Pro-A and Europe! Take advantage of your stay to watch a match at the Halle André Vacheresse.

Charlieu and its Benedictine Abbey

Charlieu (External link) has an exceptional heritage. It is labelled "Plus beaux détours de France". The Abbey, major attraction of Roanne, is distinguished by its magnificent portal of the twelfth century inspired by the Book of Revelation. Charlieu is also reputed for producing exceptional silk fabrics.

The Franciscan Covent

Located in Saint-Nizier-sous-Charlieu, the convent, which is a listed building, was built by the Franciscans in the thirteenth century. All that remains today of the buildings is the gothic style cloister, the church and the friars’ library.

The Roanne Canal

To take a moment of peace and quiet, with the possibility of having a cruise along the canal.


A medieval village of character that dominates the plain of Roanne at 400 m altitude. You will be charmed by its old fortifications of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, its priory and fifteenth-century church with a glazed tile roof.

The Lac de Villerest

The largest lake on the river Loire, it is ideal for leisures on the water. Ideal for the family, the Villerest beach offers many entertainment possibilities: playground, water sports, mini golf, supervised swimming, restaurants, etc.

Around the Gastronomy of Roanne

The Maison Troisgros (External link)
For three generations, the Maison Troisgros remains at the top of its art. Combining the traditional cuisine and new sensations, playing with contrasts and layering, Michel Troisgros perpetuates the art of gastronomy. His cuisine is bursting with vibrant flavours.

The Maison Pralus
Augustus Pralus obtained the coveted title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1955. He set up La Praluline, which is undoubtedly the star of the PRALUS and became the ambassador of culinary skill of the Roanne region. This delicious brioche with the scent of butter and the taste of home-made praline is a delight for gourmets. The firm is also made illustrious by another skill: chocolate.

**Côte Roannaise wines
The Coast Roannaise is a very old vineyard and its slopes are turned to the east. On a granite soil, the Gamay vine produced quality wines to be discovered in many picturesque caves.

The Papillotes Révillon
The famous Papillotes Révillon, a brand that has existed for over a century, are delicately wrapped chocolate sweets in glittering paper. Made at the Chocolaterie du Coteau, they are the delight of gourmets from all over France during the New Year holiday season.