The Loire Valley is full of incredibly pretty gardens. The Loire châteaux offer fine examples of landscape parks, remarkable kitchen gardens and fine water features, such as those at the Châteaux of Cheverny and Villandry. Elsewhere, the large numbers of green Loire Valley spaces include both fun and informative botanical gardens, such as Terra Botanica, the theme park dedicated to the plant world, or the Arboretum national des Barres which is home to trees from all five continents.

Spotlight on Villandry: Les Journées du Potager (29-30 September 2018)

Just a few kilometres from Tours are the romantic, internationally-renowned Villandry gardens surrounding their eponymous château. Every autumn the gardeners share their expertise during the Journées du Potager (Vegetable Gardeners’ Days), when visitors will leave with minds full of ideas and baskets full of vegetables. 20 exhibitors will present their products and creations inspired by the world of gardens, including plants, decorations and gardening kits. The Journées du Potager are a also a great opportunity to simply appreciate Villandry’s outdoor space and extend the summer season in the Loire Valley.

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