Berry Province

Located within the Loire Valley, the Berry area boasts a unique eco-friendly and natural environment. It's the perfect destination for visitors who love the great outdoors, with its serene natural setting, beautiful gardens, and off-the-beaten-track areas to explore.

Discovering Berry will enchant you with its vibrant countryside, where the encapsulating flavours of local gastronomy flourish. Simple yet bountiful, it awakens the taste buds, just like the wines of the Route des Vignobles en Coeur de France. Berry has a rich and alluring aspect that will stay with you forever.

Last but not least, to experience Berry, is to enjoy the warmth of a friendly and festive area, that hosts a plethora of events and activities to enjoy.

By staying in Berry for just a weekend, or much longer, you will be able to enjoy a myriad of authentic and diverse experiences, in the heart of a genuine and natural territory.


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