Coming to France by train

Coming to France by train or planning to travel by train in the country? All you need to know to organise your journey...

Many trains (with trips during the day and overnight) connect France to other major cities in Europe.

To plan your itinerary and make reservations, you can visit Rail Europe (External link) 's website, which combines schedules and fares from over 50 companies across Europe (and also sells Eurail passes—more on that below). You can visit Rail Europe's website to plan your itinerary, buy tickets and passes, as well as make seat reservations and use Rail Europe’s journey builder, an interactive rail map to help you build your own France, or European, travel itinerary.

If you are planning on taking multiple train trips while in Europe, you can take advantage of discounted fares available for small groups (2-5 people), youths and seniors. More information is available through Rail Europe (External link) , or by calling the Rail Europe Customer Care Center at (800) 622-8600.

Another option is to plan your trip with ease using Trainline (External link) , Europe’s leading train and bus app. Simply pop in your destinations, start a search, and compare times and fares in an instant

Eurail (External link) offers rail passes to travel within Europe that can be purchased before you arrive.

Within France

The TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) is a fast, comfortable, and convenient way to travel both within and beyond France. High-speed rail service connects over 230 cities within France and in several neighboring countries.

TER (Transport Express Régional) trains allow the possibility to explore the France less traveled, offering regional service from major cities to small towns and villages.

Beyond France

The TGV rail network links seamlessly with the national rail networks of neighboring countries, allowing you to reach France from London, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneva, Milan, and more in just a few hours.

Arriving by train from Great Britain

Eurostar is a high-speed train with service from Great Britain to France. It connects Paris, Lille and Calais to London, Ashford (Kent) and Ebbsfleet (Kent), traveling by tunnel underneath the Manche.

Reservations can be made online (External link) or by phone (External link) .

Arriving by train from the Netherlands and Belgium

Thalys offers up to 25 trains a day to Paris coming from Brussels, Belgium, and also offers direct service from Anvers, Gand, Bruges, Oostende or Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Reservations can be made online (External link) or by phone at: +32 70 66 77 88 (max. € 0.30/min).

Arriving by train from Germany

SNCF and Deutsche Bahn (External link) offer high-speed train service from major German cities such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich to Paris and Marseille.

SNCF: +33 892 35 35 35

Deutsche Bahn: 0044 (0) 8718 80 80 66 (costs depend on provider) or 001 (0) 646 88 33 264 (costs depend on provider)

Arriving by train from Switzerland

The TGV Lyria offers service between Geneva, Lausanne, Interlaken, Zurich, Neuchâtel in Switzerland and Paris, as well as French cities in the Mediterranean.

Reservations can be made online (External link) or by phone at 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/Min).

Arriving by train from Italy

TGV offers service during the day between Paris, Turin and Milan, and Thello's night trains will take you between Paris and Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna and more while you sleep.

TGV: Reserve online (External link)

Thello: Reserve online (External link) or by phone at : +33 1 83 82 00 00.

Arriving by train from Spain

Elipsos (External link) connects Barcelona and Madrid to Paris with stops in Perpignan, Limoges, Poitiers and Blois.

Tickets also can be booked online (External link) through Rail Europe.

Coming to France via the new Orient Express

This new luxury train service operated by the Russian company RZD links Moscow and Nice in a 48-hour trip across Europe.

Tickets can be booked online (External link) or by phone at + 1 800-524-2420.