"Strasbourg mon amour" in Alsace

Always the capital of Christmas in December, Strasbourg becomes the center of love with "Strasbourg mon amour." From February 7 to 16, events, themed tours, concerts and other festive evenings make hearts of the Alsatian city and its visitors' beat in unison.

With its timbered houses, winding alleys, its bridges and cathedral, Strasbourg embodies romance. This goes double on Valentine’s Day, when the city hosts a celebration for lovers called “Strasbourg mon amour”--a poetic, festive, cultural and glamorous extravaganza.

From February 7 to 16, the city be struck with Cupid's arrows. Kléber Square, which houses the Café des Amours, a mirror tent, the true heart of the event which hosts dozens of thematic evenings and musical lunches as well as continuous entertainment on weekends.

Music is particularly at the forefront of this event, with a series of concerts given in prestigious venues, open to the public for this celebration. Baroque, classic, romantic, lyrical music is featured, as well as operettes and other genres.

In the footsteps of famous couples in Strasbourg

“Strasbourg mon amour” is also an opportunity to discover the city through the eyes of lovers on thematic guided tours created by the Tourist Office. Here we learn that Strasbourg witnessed the love of famous couples like Honoré de Balzac and Eve Hanske, Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet, and Napoleon and Josephine. Other more contemporary love stories are also to be found on the “Love map”, an interactive map of more than 500 romances of Strasbourg.

Walking performances, public readings of love letters various European languages and a burlesque festival are also on the program of these ten days of love in the Alsatian capital.

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