A walk around the Cap d’Antibes peninsula

Forget the hustle and bustle of the seaside and set out for a 5km walk along this lovely coastline of picturesque rocky inlets.

From the Plage de la Garoupe onwards, you will be walking the Sentier de Tire-Poil, a section of the path that reputedly owes its name to the fact that the east wind, which often blows across the peninsula,causes the hairs on a horse’s back to stand on end.

Two hours of pure beauty

Every now and then, as you turn a corner or round a bay, you will glimpse the azure waters of the Mediterranean framed by the Aleppo pines and cliffs that shape this famous coastal path.

Along the way you’ll see the Château de la Garoupe and the Château de la Croë, both Victorian-style edifices set in vast exotic gardens.

As you head towards Millionaires’ Bay, you can also visit the Rose Gardens at the famous 19C Villa Eilen Roc.