Taste Corsica


Although classically Mediterranean and combining elements from both France and Italy, Corsica has its own unique cuisine. Most famous is its charcuterie: richly-marbled coppa, lonzu, prisuttu and figatellu. Fish and seafood are accented with local herbs including oregano, marjoram and mint. Honey and chestnuts are other staple island products; you should also taste fiadone, a traditional Corsican cheesecake made with lemon and the local brocciu, a ewes’-milk cheese similar to ricotta. The Corsican clementine, a cross between an orange and a mandarin, is grown on the island’s eastern plain.

Wine connoisseurs shouldn’t miss the vineyard tour itinerary across 276 hectares between L’Île-Rousse and Calvi, a delightful wine terroir producing rich, aromatic wines with their own strong identity. The island also makes a range of fruit-based liqueurs, the most distinctive using myrtle, and the local La Pietra beer is brewed with chestnut flour – distinctive and delicious.