The Citadel of Calvi

A little history...

500 years under the influence of Genoa...

In the second half of the fifth century, the barbarian invasions that destroyed Calvi was still a village gathered under his rock. The city is recovering under the administration Pisane.

In the thirteenth century, the lords of Cirnaca argue the city and its promontory. Giudice di Cirnaca there besieged Giovanninello Nebbio lord, who took refuge on the rock where will be built the first fortifications of the Upper Town. Seats and killings follow one another from 1245 to 1272. Exceeded, the Calvais require protection in 1278 in Genoa began to build the citadel.

When shipping to Alfonso V of Aragon, Calvi after a long resistance, was conquered in 1420. But the following year, learning the failure of the Aragon front Bonifacio, Calvi residents rebelled and massacred the Spanish garrison. Pietro Baglioni who led the uprising wins on this occasion the nickname "libertà". Calvi remains faithful to Genoa.

In 1453, the Board or Directors of Saint-Georges took over the management of the city and the rest of Corsica. It is at this time that the tower was built of salt (used for storage) where the excise is levied.

Enjoy an interactive tour of one of the most beautiful sites of Corsica

  • For adults: the Tourist Office of Calvi now offers an audio tour of the Citadel. Former audio devices have been replaced by new generation ones, which are easy to use.

They are available in four languages: French, English, German and Italian -and are accompanied by a map that lists the 11 landmarks of the course.
Traditional music punctuates the visit and embellishes the story of the Genoese fortress, and characters that have contributed to its reputation (Christopher Columbus, Admiral Nelson, Giubega Lawrence, Napoleon's godfather), which truly brings the story to life. The system offers full autonomy to the user, who can take a stroll along the historic cobblestone streets at their own pace.

Price: 7€

  • For children: a guided audio tour of the citadel in the form of treasure hunt using an MP3 player. It is designed for children 7 to 14 years old (individual or groups), and is available throughout the year (during the opening hours of the tourist office). Available in French only

Price: 4€

  • For groups and individuals: Association of Guides Calvi -Balagne : Guided tours by qualified interpreters, for adults and children, in English, German, Italian, Russian, French, and Corsica

    Bianconi Scuperta : Guided tours last 2 1/2 hours, in French or English

You can also obtain a Heritage Guide on sale at the Tourist Office of Calvi, that costs only 2€

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