One to watch: Lucile Darosey, Chef Pâtissière

One to watch: Lucile Darosey, Chef Pâtissière. 

Dijon, Burgundy. A young woman in whites leads us to the cooking range in the Loiseau des Ducs restaurant. Still a relatively new destination, which opened in 2014 and received a Michelin star almost immediately. Lucile Darosey is Chef Pâtissière here. And hers is the name on the lips of every food lover. Follow her.

• Name: Lucile Darosey
• Profession: Chef Pâtissière at the 1-star Loiseau des Ducs restaurant in Dijon
• Training: she learned her trade at the 2-star Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu
• Follow her because: all the guides, critics and food lovers who have tasted her desserts say that she’s bound for glory. And because we dream of her "Success revisited with Piedmont hazelnut", pear chutney and dried fig.
• Distinctive feature: she prefers taste to sweetness, and work to bling.

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