Fairytale châteaux

Château de Fougères

Built on a protected site surrounded by a loop of the Nançon river, this 13-tower château is one of Europe’s largest medieval fortresses. There has been a château here for more than 1,000 years since the site was identified by the Duchy of Brittany as the perfect spot to defend its lands from the French. Fougères (External link) itself is a designated Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (Town of Art and History), full of other treasures including the oldest belfry in Brittany and numerous mansions, museums and gardens.

Château de Vitré

Instantly recognisable with its imposing pointed slate turrets, Vitré (External link) ’s château hosted the Parlement de Bretagne on three occasions in the 16th century when the plague ravaged Rennes. These days, it houses a museum focused on the history of Vitré with a collection of 19th-century curiosities. The best view of the château is from the Tertres Noirs viewpoint just off the road to Rennes.

Fort La Latte

An imposing fortified castle like something straight of a story book, Fort La Latte (External link) stands 60m tall on a rock above the sea on the wild Cap Fréhel peninsula. It dates from the 14th century and featured in the 1957 film The Vikings starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. Crossing the drawbridge and exploring the crenellations, turrets and dungeons is a must. Cap Fréhel also boasts a historic lighthouse, a bird reserve and stunning views over the Emerald Coast and the Channel Islands.

For a true Breton experience, explore Cap Fréhel by electric bike with guide Isabelle (External link) .

Château de Josselin

Overlooking the Oust Valley, Josselin (External link) s castle has been in the Rohan family on and off for centuries. Visitors can admire the 19th-century dining room, the drawing room with its impressive 16th-century fireplace and the library housing more than 3,000 volumes dating from the 17th century. Around the castle are French-style gardens with vast lawns and low hedges as well as a rose garden with 40 different species. The gardens host a Medieval Festival each year on 14 July.


The Kerguéhennec estate (External link) is the jewel in the crown of the Bignan district, 30km from Vannes. In its vast landscaped grounds you’ll find an 18th-century château and a sculpture park ranked as one of the best in Europe. Built in 1710, the château is a listed historic monument inspired by the style of Versailles and Louis XIV’s architects. Its elegant exterior symmetry is complemented inside by 19th-century decor, and contrasted by the contemporary art exhibitions held here.