Cognac and its vineyards

Cognac: a tour of aromas

If you’ve never visited Cognac or its vineyards, you’re in for a treat. Push open the doors to its the cellars and Romanesque churches, stroll along the river from bridges to locks, and tease your tastebuds in the great cognac houses. Stop by the producers and discover the secrets of double distillation...

La Roue des Aromes (The Wheel of Aromas)

The Cognac Wheel of Aromas brings together 63 aromas classified according to the cycle of the seasons. Why not use this wheel to explore the area through the year, depending on what you feel like doing?


With its subtle, flowery aromas, cognac reminds us of spring. This time of year is best to take a guided tour of the cellars of one of the major producers, such as Rémy Martin, Camus, Hennessy, Otard, Courvoisier, Hine, Meukow or Martell.


When citrus and orchard fruit notes reach your nose, take advantage of ‘Cognac Tuesdays’ which enliven the long summer days. Also meet producers from the Etapes du Cognac association, who share their expertise.


The autumnal sweetness, characterised by aromas of ginger, vanilla and caramel, takes you to the Circuit du Chêne in Jarnac: Jean-Yves and François Moine reveal the art and secrets of barrel-making.


With its notes of coffee, tobacco, toast and even cedarwood, winter gives way to the entertainment of the Distilleries en Fête. Live like a local Charentais with the heating of the stills and taste Charentes cognac and pineaux.

Cognac’s highlights

  • Tours of the great cognac houses, e.g. Cognac Martell, Rémy Martin
  • The city of Cognac and it museums
  • Jarnac and the Circuit du Chêne
  • Angoulême and its cathedral
  • A gabarre (traditional flat-bottomed boat) cruise on the River Charente
  • Saintes and its ancient remains
  • Domaine Le Maine Giraud
  • Le Cep Enchanté in Macqueville, Europe’s first wine theme park
  • The Cognac Ecomuseum in Migron
  • The Maison de la Vigne et des Saveurs in Archiac
  • The cellars and estates of ‘Etapes de Cognac’ member winemakers
  • The birthplace of François Mitterrand

A special experience to share

The Louis XIII visit at Maison Rémy Martin

You’ll get a special welcome at Maison Rémy Martin with this visit to the Louis XIII cellar. Enjoy a multi-sensory discovery of the aging process in making cognac.

‘Vignobles & Découvertes’ destinations

The Cognac vineyards hold the ‘Vignobles & Découvertes’ (‘Vineyards & Discoveries’) label, which groups together carefully selected services to help you plan your stay more easily.

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